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   Author = {Fontaine, RG and Yang, C and Dodge, KA and Bates, JE and Pettit,
   Title = {Testing an individual systems model of response evaluation
             and decision (RED) and antisocial behavior across
   Journal = {Child Development},
   Volume = {79},
   Number = {2},
   Pages = {462-475},
   Year = {2008},
   Month = {March},
   ISSN = {0009-3920},
   url = {},
   Abstract = {This study examined the bidirectional development of
             aggressive response evaluation and decision (RED) and
             antisocial behavior across five time points in adolescence.
             Participants (n = 522) were asked to imagine themselves
             behaving aggressively while viewing videotaped ambiguous
             provocations and answered a set of RED questions following
             each aggressive retaliation (administered at Grades 8 and 11
             [13 and 16 years, respectively]). Self- and mother reports
             of antisocial behavior were collected at Grades 7, 9/10, and
             12 (12, 14/15, and 17 years, respectively). Using structural
             equation modeling, the study found a partial mediating
             effect at each hypothesized mediational path despite high
             stability of antisocial behavior across adolescence.
             Findings are consistent with an individual systems
             perspective by which adolescents' antisocial conduct
             influences how they evaluate aggressive interpersonal
             behaviors, which affects their future antisocial
   Doi = {10.1111/j.1467-8624.2007.01136.x},
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   Author = {Hubbard, JA and Dodge, KA and Cillessen, AH and Coie, JD and Schwartz,
   Title = {The dyadic nature of social information processing in boys'
             reactive and proactive aggression.},
   Journal = {Journal of Personality and Social Psychology},
   Volume = {80},
   Number = {2},
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   Abstract = {The correlation between boys' social cognitions and their
             aggressive behavior toward peers was examined as being actor
             driven, partner driven, or dyadic relationship driven.
             Eleven groups of 6 familiar boys each (N = 165 dyads) met
             for 5 consecutive days to participate in play sessions and
             social-cognitive interviews. With a variance partitioning
             procedure, boys' social-cognitive processes were found to
             vary reliably across their dyadic relationships.
             Furthermore, mixed models regression analyses indicated that
             hostile attributional biases toward a particular peer were
             related to directly observed reactive aggression toward that
             peer even after controlling for actor and partner effects,
             suggesting that these phenomena are dyadic or relationship
             oriented. On the other hand, the relation between outcome
             expectancies for aggression and the display of proactive
             aggression appeared to be more actor driven and partner
             driven that dyadic.},
   Doi = {10.1037/0022-3514.80.2.268},
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