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%% Journal Articles   
   Author = {Lansford, JE and Erath, S and Yu, T and Pettit, GS and Dodge, KA and Bates,
   Title = {The developmental course of illicit substance use from age
             12 to 22: links with depressive, anxiety, and behavior
             disorders at age 18.},
   Journal = {Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, and Allied
   Volume = {49},
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   Abstract = {Previous theory and research suggest links between substance
             use and externalizing behavior problems, but links between
             substance use and internalizing problems are less clear. The
             present study sought to understand concurrent links among
             diagnoses of substance use disorders, internalizing
             disorders, and behavior disorders at age 18 as well as
             developmental trajectories of illicit substance use prior to
             and after this point.Using data from 585 participants in the
             Child Development Project, this study examined comorbidity
             among substance use, behavior, and internalizing disorders
             at age 18 and trajectories of growth in illicit substance
             use from age 12 to age 22.In this community sample, meeting
             diagnostic criteria for comorbid internalizing disorders, a
             behavioral disorder (conduct disorder or oppositional
             defiant disorder) alone, or both internalizing and
             behavioral disorders predicted higher concurrent substance
             use disorders (abuse, dependence, or withdrawal). Meeting
             diagnostic criteria for an anxiety disorder alone or
             depression alone did not predict higher concurrent substance
             use diagnoses. Over time, youths with behavioral disorders
             at age 18 showed a pattern of increasing substance use
             across early adolescence and higher levels of substance use
             than those with no diagnosis at age 18. Substance use
             declines from late adolescence to early adulthood were
             observed for all groups.Substance use disorders were more
             highly comorbid with behavior disorders than with
             internalizing disorders at age 18, and behavior disorder and
             comorbid behavior-internalizing disorders at age 18 were
             related to trajectories characterized by steep increases in
             illicit substance use during adolescence and high rates of
             illicit substance use over time.},
   Doi = {10.1111/j.1469-7610.2008.01915.x},
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