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   Author = {Berlin, LJ and Dunning, RD and Dodge, KA},
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   Abstract = {This randomized trial tested the efficacy of an intensive,
             four-week summer program designed to enhance low-income
             children's transition to kindergarten (n's = 60 program
             children, 40 controls). Administered in four public schools,
             the program focused on social competence, pre-literacy and
             pre-numeracy skills, school routines, and parental
             involvement. Hierarchical linear modeling indicated that the
             program significantly improved teachers' ratings of (a) the
             transition to the social aspect of kindergarten for girls
             (but not boys); and (b) the transition to kindergarten
             routines for the subgroup of children who had the same
             teacher for kindergarten as for the summer program. Findings
             are discussed in terms of practices and policies for
             supporting children's transition to school.},
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   Author = {Laird, RD and Pettit, GS and Dodge, KA and Bates,
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   Abstract = {The goal of this longitudinal study was to examine
             variations in school-age child care arrangements across the
             elementary school years as a function of child, family, and
             contextual factors. Pre-kindergarten family background
             measures were collected through parent questionnaires and
             interviews. Follow-up interviews with 466 parents provided
             information on children's care experiences in grades 1
             through 5. Some care arrangements (e.g., self care) showed
             considerable continuity, whereas other arrangements (e.g.,
             school programs) changed substantially from year-to-year.
             Increases in use were found for self-care, sibling care,
             neighbor care, and activity-based care; use of day care
             decreased across years. Children living with working and/or
             single mothers spent more time in non-parent care, as did
             boys with behavior problems. Time spent in specific care
             arrangements varied as a function of child sex, behavioral
             adjustment, ethnicity, family socioeconomic status, mothers'
             employment, and parents' marital status. These findings
             underscore the importance of developmental and
             ecological-contextual factors in families' choices of care
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