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Michael Betts, Assistant Dir, Programs

Michael Betts

Michael Anthony Betts, II is a native North Carolinian who is passionately fascinated by the story of the world around him. Be it the music of a place, the sounds of a known or new environment, or the tales of another’s tragedy or triumph; Michael wants to hear it, experience it, and recreate it aurally for others the world over.  Graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2011 with a BA in Communications focused in media studies, he has most notably worked as a Sound Designer for many North Carolina regional theater companies and provided exhibition audio for Hidden Voice’s None of the Above and Serving Life: Revisioning Justice.  Several of his current projects include bringing back Mike Wiley Productions’ Podcast Parallel Lives for another season, Rob Hamilton’s The Misdirection of Henry Walker, and a Duke/UNC joint endeavor with UNC professor Miguel La Serna surrounding the geopolitical armed conflicts of Peru.

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