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  Banella, Laura
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Clifford, Joan E
    Dainotto, Roberto M.
      Davis, N. Gregson
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      Dubois, Laurent
        Finucci, Valeria
        1. Andreini, I. Mirtilla, A Pastoral. A Bilingual Edition..  edited by Finucci, V(February, 2018). (translated by Kisacky, J)  [abs]
        Gabara, Esther L.
          Garreta, Anne
          1. Garréta, A. Not One Day. (April, 2017): 150 pages.  [abs]
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          Greer, Margaret R.
            Hardt, Michael
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            Longino, Michele  (search)
              Madden, Adelheid H.
                Mignolo, Walter
                1. Mignolo, W. Decolonial Politic (forthcoming).  edited by Carballo, FDuke University Press, (2017).  [abs]
                Milian, Claudia
                  Moi, Toril
                    Mulligan, Joseph W.
                    1. Vallejo, C. Scales Melographed by César Vallejo. Wesleyan University Press, (August, 2017): 168 pages.  [abs]
                    Reisinger, Deborah
                    1. Clifford, J; Reisinger, DS. Community-Based Language Learning A Framework for Educators. (November, 2018): 208 pages.  [abs]
                    Rodríguez García, José María
                      Serrano, Silvia M.
                        Solterer, Helen
                          Vargas, Ivan
                            Viego, Antonio