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  Aidoo, Lamonte
  1. Aidoo, L. "Genealogies of horror: three stories of slave-women, motherhood, and murder in the Americas." African and Black Diaspora: an International Journal  vol. 13 no. 1 (January, 2020): 40-53. [doi]  [abs]
Bell, David F.
    Clifford, Joan
      Dainotto, Roberto M.
        Davis, N. Gregson
        1. "Euphrosyne." Beiträge Zur Altertumskunde. Edited by Davis, G; Burian, P; Clay, JS.  vol. 370 (2020).
        Dubois, Laurent
        1. Dubois, L; Glover, K; Menard, N; Verna, CF; Polyné, M. The Haiti Reader History, Culture, Politics. Latin America Readers, (February, 2020): 560 pages.  [abs]
        Eisner, Martin
        1. Eisner, M. Dante's New Life of the Book A Philology of World Literature. Oxford University Press, USA, (March, 2021): 272 pages.  [abs]
        2. EISNER, M; Martin (Chair of Romance Studies and Professor of Italian Eisner, CORSAPOIDU. Dante's New Life of the Book A Philology of World Literature. Oxford Textual Perspectives, (March, 2021): 272 pages.  [abs]
        Finucci, Valeria
          Gabara, Esther L.
            Hardt, Michael
              Jameson, Fredric
                Jenson, Deborah
                  Longino, Michele  (search)
                    Madden, Adelheid
                      Martin De La Nuez, Tenesoya
                      1.  Connecting the Global Hispanophone. African and Asian Literature in Spanish.  edited by Martin De La Nuez, TVVernon Press, (March, 2022).
                      Mignolo, Walter
                      1. Mignolo, W. The Politics of Decolonial Investigations (forthcoming).  edited by Carballo, FDuke University Press, (2021).  [abs]
                      Milian, Claudia
                        Nunn, Tessa
                          Quesada, Sarah
                          1. Quesada, S. The African Heritage of Latinx and Caribbean Literature.  edited by Ganguly, D; Orsini, F; Ryan, RCambridge University Press, (2022).
                          Reisinger, Deborah
                          1. Reisinger, DS; Raycraft, MB; Dieu-Porter, N. Affaires globales S'engager dans la vie professionnelle en français, niveau avancé. Georgetown University Press, (January, 2021): 280 pages.  [abs]
                          Rispoli, Tania
                            Rodríguez García, José María
                              Romera Figueroa, Elia
                                Rosa, Richard
                                1. Rosa, R. Finance and Literature in 19th Century Latin America. (June, 2021).
                                Saliot, Anne-Gaelle
                                  Solterer, Helen
                                  1. Solterer, H. "A timely villon: Anachrony and premodern poetic fiction." New Literary History  vol. 52 no. 2 (June, 2021): 311-334. [doi]
                                  Tholl, Brian
                                    Ziolkowski, Saskia
                                    1. Ziolkowski, S. Kafka's Italian Progeny. University of Toronto Press, (2020).