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Publications [#339585] of Sarah E. Gaither

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Journal Articles

  1. Gaither, SE; Chen, JM; Pauker, K; Sommers, SR (2018). At face value: Psychological outcomes differ for real vs. computer-generated multiracial faces.. The Journal of Social Psychology, 1-19. [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/04/18)

    Multiracial research emphasizes hypodescent categorizations and relies on computer-generated stimuli. Four experiments showed that real biracial faces in a 2-Choice categorization task (White, Black) elicited hypodescent more than computer-generated faces. Additionally, Experiment 2 showed a 2-Choice categorization task with real biracial faces increased racial essentialism more than a 3-Choice categorization task. Experiment 3 showed that mere exposure to real biracial faces did not increase essentialism. Finally, Experiments 4a and 4b replicated hypodescent outcomes when comparing real biracial faces to computer-generated versions of those same faces. In sum, these findings initiate a discussion surrounding the methodology of multiracial categorizations.

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