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Publications of Wesley Hogan    :recent first  alphabetical  combined listing:

%% Books   
   Author = {Hogan, WC},
   Title = {Many Minds, One Heart SNCC's Dream for a New
   Pages = {480 pages},
   Publisher = {UNC Press Books},
   Year = {2013},
   Month = {January},
   ISBN = {0807867896},
   Abstract = {Many Minds, One Heart ultimately reframes the movement and
             asks us to look anew at where America stands on justice and
             equality today.},
   Key = {fds355754}

   Author = {Hogan, WC},
   Title = {On the Freedom Side How Five Decades of Youth Activists Have
             Remixed American History},
   Pages = {368 pages},
   Publisher = {UNC Press Books},
   Year = {2019},
   Month = {October},
   ISBN = {1469652498},
   Abstract = {The reply: “We're on the Freedom Side.” As the chant
             passed around the circle, two young women Dream Defenders
             stepped up to name points of contact with the longer freedom
             movement: “Ella Baker was a freedom fighter, and she
             taught  ...},
   Key = {fds355753}

   Author = {Hogan, WC and Ortiz, P},
   Title = {People Power History, Organizing, and Larry Goodwyn's
             Democratic Vision in the Twenty-First Century},
   Pages = {274 pages},
   Year = {2021},
   Month = {July},
   ISBN = {0813068479},
   Abstract = {This volume is inspired by the pathbreaking life and work of
             writer, activist, and historian Lawrence "Larry"
   Key = {fds357407}

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