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Finance : Research Interests


  1. Ravi Bansal, Financial Economics, Asset Pricing, Global Economics, Climate Change
  2. Michael H. Bradley, Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Investments, Managerial Finance, Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Restructuring, Corporate Law
  3. Michael W. Brandt, Asset Allocation, Risk Management, Investments, Derivatives, Fixed Income Securities, Empirical and Theoretical Asset Pricing, Financial Econometrics
  4. Alon Brav, Investments, Empirical Asset Pricing, Empirical Corporate Finance
  5. John R Graham, Corporate Finance; Taxation; Investments; Herding; Combining and Assessing Forecasts
  6. Campbell R. Harvey, Global Asset Allocation, International Investment, Emerging Market Finance
  7. David A. Hsieh, Teaching: Money and Capital Markets; International Corporate Finance; Investments. Research: Dynamic Trading Strategies and Risk Management
  8. Manju Puri, Financial Intermediation and Capital Markets, Advanced Corporate Finance
  9. David T. Robinson, Entrepreneurial Finance, Empirical Corporate Finance
  10. S. Viswanathan, Corporate Finance

Associate Professors

  1. Simon Gervais, Corporate Finance, Microeconomics, Investments
  2. Ron Kaniel, Investments, Mutual Funds, Asset Pricing, Asset Allocation, Derivatives
  3. Richmond D. Mathews, Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity, Industrial Organization
  4. Adriano A. Rampini, Financial Economics, Macroeconomics

Assistant Professors

  1. Lukas M Schmid, Asset Pricing, Quantitative Corporate Finance, Contract Theory
  2. Rebecca Zarutskie, Corporate Finance, Private Capital Markets, Banking, Entrepreneurship

Professors Emeriti

  1. Kalman J Cohen, Banking and Finance, Strategic Planning, Economics, Management Science, Computer Simulation

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