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Richard M. Burton, Professor Emeritus of Strategy and Professor of Management, Fuqua School of Business

Contact Info:
Office Location:  A214 Fuqua Sch of Bus
Email Address: send me a message
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Research Interests: Organizational Design, Computational Organization Theory

Current projects: 1. Organizational Design for executive business students with Gerry DeSanctis and Borge Obel, book in preparation. 2. Organizational Design empirical studies using the Danish database for small and medium sized companies with Borge Obel, Jorgen Lauridsen and Dorthe Dorjbak. 3. Computational studies on the performance of alternative organizational constructs with Tim Carroll and others.

Research Interests include Organization Theory that focuses on the choice of organizational design and strategy: the development and study of organizational structures and processes to achieve efficient coordinated planning and control; and implementation of organizational strategy for performance. In this context, an organization is viewed as a large number of interdependent subunits and individuals each of which has its own goals, structures, processes, information, and measures of performance.

Areas of Interest:

Management and Organization
Organizational Design
Computational Organization Theory


Europe • U.S. • Management • Organization

Curriculum Vitae

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