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African & African American Studies : Research Interests


  1. Michaeline A. Crichlow, Globalization, Development Studies, Postcoloniality, Nationalism/citizenship
  2. Thomas F. DeFrantz, African Americans, Dance, Dancers, Gay rights, History, Performing arts, Sexuality
  3. Wahneema H. Lubiano, Race Studies and Critical Theory
  4. Mark A. Neal, African American business enterprises, African American mass media, African Americans, African Americans and mass media, African Americans in art, African Americans in popular culture, African Americans in the motion picture industry, African Americans on television, Black Cultural Studies, Black Masculinity, Black Popular Culture, Black Popular Music, Digital media, Music, Urban African Americans, Working class African Americans
  5. Charmaine D. Royal, Conceptualization and use of race in science and medicine, Genetic and genomic ancestry inference, Involvement of diverse populations in genetics and genomics, Interplay of biological and non-biological factors in health, Global health, African Diaspora
  6. Karin Shapiro, South African History; American Southern and Social History
  7. Stephen Smith, Africa, Literary collections, Sub-Saharan Africa, demographic trends ("youth bulge), Franco-African relations


  1. Lee D. Baker, Anthropology, Cultural, Famous Persons, History, 20th Century, Humans, Jews, National Socialism, Prejudice, Race Relations, United States
  2. William A. Darity, Abortion, Induced, Adolescent, Adult, Africa, African Americans, African Continental Ancestry Group, Age Factors, Aged, Allostasis, Attitude, Bias (Epidemiology), Biology, Case-Control Studies, Cities, Cohort Studies, Confidence Intervals, Consciousness, Conservation of Natural Resources, Contraception, Contraceptive Agents, Cross-Sectional Studies, Demography, Directories as Topic, Educational Status, Environment, Ethnic Groups, Eugenics, European Continental Ancestry Group, Evaluation Studies as Topic, Family, Family Planning Services, Fear, Female, Geography, Georgia, Health Education, Health Manpower, Health Services Accessibility, Health Status, Health Status Disparities, Health Surveys, History, 20th Century, Homicide, Humans, Income, Interpersonal Relations, Interviews as Topic, Louisiana, Male, Middle Aged, Models, Theoretical, Neoplasm Staging, Newspapers, North Carolina, Parent-Child Relations, Pennsylvania, Physicians, Pilot Projects, Population, Population Dynamics, Population Growth, Poverty, Poverty Areas, Pregnancy, Prejudice, Psychology, Social, Referral and Consultation, Research, Retrospective Studies, Salaries and Fringe Benefits, Sampling Studies, San Francisco, Self Care, Self Concept, Sex Education, Sex Factors, Sexual Behavior, Smoking, Social Conditions, Social Identification, Social Justice, Social Problems, Social Sciences, Social Welfare, Social Work, Socioeconomic Factors, Statistics as Topic, Sterilization, Involuntary, Sterilization, Reproductive, Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic, Students, Telephone, Time Factors, Unemployment, United States, Universities, Urban Population, Uterine Neoplasms
  3. Thavolia Glymph, Southern US, Slavery and Emancipation, Comparative Emancipation, Civil War, Southern Women
  4. Anne-Maria B. Makhulu, Africa, Political Economy, Space, Cities
  5. J. Lorand Matory, Anthropology of religion, of ethnicity, and of education; history and theory of anthropologyAfrican and African-inspired religions around the Atlantic perimeter; ethnic diversity in the African-descended population of the US; tertiary education as a culture; gender, religion and politics; transnationalism; spirit possession
  6. Charles D. Piot, Transnationalism, Postcolonialism, Marxism, Religious Movements, West Africa, African Diaspora
  7. Richard J. Powell, Richard J. Powell received his Ph.D. from Yale University. His ...
  8. Joseph R. Winters, Religion and Critical Theory; African American Religious Thought; African American Literature; Continental Philosophy


  1. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Human Rights, Ideology, Latin America, Methodology, Phenotype, Political science, Puerto Rico, Race, Racism
  2. Laurent Dubois, African diaspora, Caribbean Region, History
  3. John D. French, History, Labor, Political science
  4. Kerry L. Haynie, African American women, Gender, Race
  5. Karla Holloway, African Americans--Study and teaching, Autonomy, Law
  6. Adriane D. Lentz-Smith, United States History, African American History, African Americans and the World

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