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Premlata Vaishnava, Lecturer

Premlata Vaishnava

Please note: Premlata has left the "Asian & Middle Eastern Studies" group at Duke University; some info here might not be up to date.

Contact Info:
Office Location:  202 Franklin Center
Office Phone:  919-681-1591
Email Address: send me a message
Web Page:

Office Hours:

By appointment only

Ph.D. in Hindi LiteratureRajasthan Vidyapeeth2003
M.Phil. in Hindi Hindi LiteratureM.L. Sukhadia University1999
M.A. in HindiM.L. Sukhadia University1997
M.A. in Public AffairsM.L. Sukhadia University1995
B.Sc. in BiologyM.L. Sukhadia University1993

Research Interests:

Current projects: Working on a project to involve Hindi students with the community in Triangle area.

Dr. Vaishnava’s interests include developing teaching materials for South Asian languages (such as Hindi), incorporating new technology and innovative ideas in classroom, publishing her own poetry, stories and journal articles on diaspora and gender among South Asian women immigrants. Dr. Vaishnava is actively involved with other South Asian language teachers across the country and abroad to establish a network to share and learn from each other. In this process, she plans to collect materials developed by different teachers of Hindi language and publish a book. Dr. Vaishnava also takes initiative to organize panels on foreign language teaching and learning. She had presented a number of papers on the above topics at conferences/workshops.

Areas of Interest:

Hindi language pedagogy and technology based learning.

Creating new and authentic teaching materials for Elementary and Intermediate Hindi.

Developing innovative and interesting in-class activities.

Recent Publications   (More Publications)

  1. P. Vaishnava, Laghu Kathaien (2007)
  2. P. Vaishnava, Amrika, in Pravasini Key Bol, edited by Anjana Sandhir (2006), Parshav Press, Ahemdabad (India)
  3. P. Vaishnava, Shabd, in Pravasini Key Bol, edited by Anjana Sandhir (2006), Parshav Press, Ahemdabad (India)
  4. P. Vaishnava, Rishtey, in Pravasini Key Bol, edited by Anjana Sandhir (2006)
  5. P. Vaishnava, Qitaabien, in Pravasini Key Bol, edited by Anjana Sandhir (2006), Parshav Press, Ahemdabad (India)

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