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Research Interests for Shai Ginsburg

Research Interests: Hebrew Literature, Israeli Cinema, Critical Theory, Film Theory, Nationalism

Deconstruction, Documentary films, Games, Hebrew literature, Modern, Israeli literature, Nationalism and literature
Areas of Interest:

Hebrew Literature
Israeli Cinema
Jewish Cinema
Critical Theory
Film Theory

Recent Publications
  1. Ginsburg, S, Tangled Roots: The Emergence of Israeli Culture (December, 2020)
  2. Ginsburg, S, From Here to Elsewhere and Back in Israeli-Hebrew Children’s Literature, in Since 1948 Israeli Literature in the Making (October, 2020), SUNY Press, ISBN 1438480504 [abs]
  3. Ginsburg, S; Banbaji, A, Introduction, Mikan no. 20 (April, 2020), pp. 5-25
  4. Ginsburg, S; Barzilai, M, Rereading Hebrew Speech, Mikan no. 20 (April, 2020), pp. 198-227
  5. Ginsburg, S, Mothers, Fathers, and the Hebrew Literary Canon, Novel a Forum on Fiction, vol. 52 no. 2 (August, 2019), pp. 318-322, Duke University Press [doi]

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