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Curriculum Vitae

Douglas M. Boyer

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Duke University
Box 90383
Science Drive
Durham, NC 27708-9976
(919) 668-3348 (office)

  • Ph.D., State University of New York, Stony Brook, 2009

Awards, Honors, and Distinctions

  • Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools Doctoral Dissertation Award, Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools, 2010

  • Stony Brook University Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Award, Stony Brook University, 2009

  • Stony Brook University Graduate Council Fellowship, Stony Brook University, 2009

  • Stony Brook University Norman Creel Prize, Stony Brook University, 2008

Field Work
  • Field Work, 2013
    Co-leader of crew prospecting, collecting fossils, and bed-tracing in Early Eocene of Bridger Basin

  • Field Work, July 10, 2013 - July 21, 2013
    Co-leader of crew collecting fossils through Paleocene-Eocene Boundary

  • Field Work, 2012
    Co-leader of crew quarrying late Paleocene fossils from the Crazy Mountains Basin, Montana.

  • Field Work, 2012
    Co-leader of crew collecting fossils through Paleocene- Eocene Boundary in central Bighorn basin, Wyoming

  • Field Work, 2012
    Exploration for fossiliferous strata near Reims, France in the Conglomerat de Cernay Foundation

  • Field Work, 2011
    Leader of collecting fossiliferous freshwater limestones in Clarks Fork Basin, Sand Coulee

  • Field Work, 2011
    Co-leader of work by Brooklyn College CUNY/ Univ of Florida/ Univ Nebraska in Northern Bighorn Basin prospecting for/ collecting Eocene limestones

Professional Service

  Departmental Committees/Service
  • Evolutionary Anthropology Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 2012 - 2013

  • Evolutionary Anthropology Department IT Committee, 2012 - 2013

  • Evolutionary Anthropology Collections Committee, 2012 - 2013

  Service to the Professional Community

  Journals/Volumes Refereed

  • many journals. 2013, many journals, 2013-present
    PLoS ONE (1), Anatomical Record (1), American Journal Physical Anthropology (1), Journal of Human Evolution (1), Paper for an edited volume (1), Journal of Biogeography (1), International Journal of Primatology (1)
  Public Outreach

  • Consultant for BBC production: "Your Inner Primate", 2012
  • Field Workshop for K-8th graders of Melville, Montana, 2011
    20 participants helped quarry for Paleocene fossil vertebrates and mollusks

  Other Service

  • Designer and coordinator of Duke SMIF microCT lab, 2012-present
    As part of the start-up package for myself and Sheila Patek, Trinity College of Arts and Sciences agreed to support the purchase of an industrial scale microCT scanner and an accompanying technician. I worked with the directorship of the SMIF lab to construct a business plan for placing the equipment in that facility. I also evaluated and made the decision on which model instrument to purchase, and evaluated candidates for the technician position.

  • Designer and manager of development and population of web data archive, 2012-present
    Developed MorphoSource.org, the first open-access archive for 3D digital models of bones and raw microCT scan data on which they are based. This site is the first to fullfill NSF's mandate for data access regarding 3D digital models in a format analagous to Genbank. My lab has already posted roughly 1,000 data items. And over 50 external users have created accounts and/or downloaded and uploaded data.


  Invited Lectures:

  • New Methods for Shape Analysis in Comparative Biology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 25 October 2013

  • American Association of Physical Anthropologists, 23 October 2013

  • Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, 23 October 2013

  • Fossils and Ankle Mechanics in Primates, University of California Museum Paleontology, Berkeley, CA, 2012

  • On the Geometry of Bones and the Origin of Species, Duke University, 2012

  • How the ankles show primates were slow, Duke University, 2012

  • More on early primates: Ankles and locomotion, Bighorn Basin Paleontology Symposium, Wyoming, 2012

  • New methods for studying morphology: examples from teeth and primate evolution, The Field Museum, Chicago, 2012

  • Primate Origins and Evolution: Evidence from morphology and geology, Duke University, 2012

  • Society of Vertebrate Paleotonology, 2012

  • New Quantitative Approaches to Comparative and Functional Anatomy in Primates, CUNY Graduate Center Colloquium, NY, 2011

  • What new primate fossils from Egypt reveal about anthropoid origins and ecological diversity in the earliest late Eocene of Africa, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NB, 2010

  • Evolution of dental function and diet preference in primates, NYCEP Seminar series, NY, 2010

Publications (listed separately)

Students Mentored

  Ph.D. Students Supervised

  • Gabriel Yapuncich, (2012 - present)

  Graduate Students Mentored
  • Nichelle D. Reed, (January, 2013 - present)

  Indept. Study Students Supervised
  • Emma Welch, (January, 2013 - present)

  Supervised Graduate Independent Research
  • Gabriel Yapuncich, (2013-0000)

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