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Evolutionary Anthropology : Research Interests


  1. Steven E. Churchill, Human Paleontology; Functional Morphology of Postcranial Skeleton
  2. Leslie J. Digby, Evolution of Primate and Human Social Behavior; Primate Behavioral Ecology; Mating Systems and Infanticide; Behavioral Thermoregulation; Three-dimensional home-range use; Lemurs, Marmosets
  3. Christine M. Drea, Mammalian social behavior and reproductive development
  4. Kenneth E. Glander, Adaptation, Biological, Age Factors, Aging, Algorithms, Alouatta, Analysis of Variance, Anesthetics, Animal Feed, Animal Migration, Animals, Animals, Laboratory, Animals, Newborn, Animals, Wild, Anthropology, Physical, Arm, Asian Langurs, Behavior, Animal, Biological Evolution, Birth, Birth Intervals, Blood Glucose, Body Constitution, Body Height, Body Temperature Regulation, Body Weight, Breeding, Calibration, Carbon Isotopes, Cebidae, Cebus, Cercopithecidae, Cholesterol, Climate, Colostrum, Competitive Behavior, Costa Rica, Cuspid, Dental Casting Technique, Dental Impression Technique, Dental Occlusion, Diet, Digestion, Dog physiology, Drinking Behavior, Drug Combinations, Dust, Eating, Ecology, Ecosystem, Energy Intake, Environment, Estrus, Fatty Acids, Fatty Acids, Nonesterified, Feces, Feeding Behavior, Female, Fiber Optic Technology, Food Preferences, Hair, Haplorhini, Head, Helminthiasis, Helminthiasis, Animal, Hominidae, Howling Monkeys, Humans, Hydrology, Hylobates, Immobilization, Incisor, Indonesia, Infant, Insects, Intestinal Diseases, Parasitic, Jaw, Ketamine, Larva, Least-Squares Analysis, Leg, Lemur, Lemurs, Lipids, Lipoproteins, Lipoproteins, HDL, Lipoproteins, LDL, Lipoproteins, VLDL, Lorisidae, Macaca fascicularis, Madagascar, Male, Manatee diets, Mandible, Mastication, Microbiome, Microscopy, Electron, Scanning, Milk, Molar, Monkey Diseases, Nature, New World monkeys, Nitrogen Isotopes, Odontometry, Oligosaccharides, Phencyclidine, Phospholipids, Phylogeny, Plant Leaves, Platyrrhini, Ponds, Pongo pygmaeus, Population Dynamics, Population Growth, Pregnancy, Primate/Plant interactions , Primates, Protozoan Infections, Protozoan Infections, Animal, Rain, Regression Analysis, Remote Sensing Technology, Reproduction, Science, Seasons, Sex Characteristics, Sex Factors, Sexual Behavior, Animal, Sexual Maturation, Silicon Dioxide, Social Behavior, Species Specificity, Spectrum Analysis, Raman, Strepsirhini, Temperature, Testis, Thermometers, Tiletamine, Time Factors, Tooth, Tooth Abrasion, Tooth Attrition, Trees, Triglycerides, Tropical Climate, Urea, Weather, Zolazepam
  5. Brian Hare, Human Cognitive Evolution
  6. Richard F. Kay, Evolution of primate adaptations, anthropoid adaptations,phylogenetics, paleoecology
  7. Daniel O. Schmitt, Activities of Daily Living, Adaptation, Physiological, Adaptation, Psychological, Adult, African Continental Ancestry Group, Age Factors, Aged, Aged, 80 and over, Amyloid beta-Protein Precursor, Animals, Animals, Newborn, Anthropology, Physical, Anthropometry, Anxiety, Arthralgia, Behavior, Behavior, Animal, Biological Evolution, Biomechanics, Bone Density, Comorbidity, Disability Evaluation, Disabled Persons, Disease Models, Animal, Educational Status, Electromyography, Electrophysiology, Employment, Energy Metabolism, European Continental Ancestry Group, Evolution, Fear, Feeding Behavior, Female, Forearm, Fossils, Gait, Gait Disorders, Neurologic, Harmaline, Hominidae, Humans, Hyperalgesia, Imaging, Three-Dimensional, Joint Instability, Knee Joint, Life Style, Locomotion, Lumbosacral Region, Male, Mice, Mice, Inbred C57BL, Mice, Transgenic, Middle Aged, Mobility Limitation, Models, Biological, Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors, Motor Activity, Muscle, Skeletal, Mutation, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Nitric Oxide Synthase Type II, North Carolina, Obesity, Orbit, Orthopedics, Osteoarthritis, Osteoarthritis, Knee, Overweight, Pain, Pain Measurement, Postural Balance, Posture, Prevalence, Primates, Prognosis, Radiculopathy, Range of Motion, Articular, Rats, Rats, Inbred Lew, Rats, Sprague-Dawley, Receptors, Tumor Necrosis Factor, Type II, Reference Values, Regression Analysis, Risk Assessment, Risk Factors, Self Concept, Self Disclosure, Self Efficacy, Severity of Illness Index, Sex Distribution, Skull, Species Specificity, Time Factors, Tooth, Tremor, Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha, Walking, Weight Reduction Programs, Weight-Bearing, Young Adult
  8. Jenny Tung, primate behavior, hybridization, gene regulation
  9. Christine E. Wall, Evolutionary Morphology
  10. Blythe A. Williams, Southern African fossil primates; Ecology of living and fossil primates; Evolution of Cenozoic Primates; Functional morphology of dancers and the role of dance in human evolution


  1. V. Louise Roth, Morphological and molecular evolution in mammals: size, shape, and ontogeny
  2. Kathleen K. Smith, Functional morphology and evolution of vertebrates; craniofacial development, evolutionary morphology
  3. Michael Tomasello, Major research interests in processes of social cognition, social learning, ...
  4. Anne D. Yoder, Biodiversity, biogeography, Madagascar; phylogenetics; conservation genetics, Biological Evolution, Cheirogaleidae, Conservation of Natural Resources, Demography, Endangered Species, Environment, Evolution, Molecular, Extinction, Biological, Gene Flow, Genetic Speciation, Genetic Variation, Genomics, Hibernation, Lemuridae, Lemurs, Madagascar, Mammals, Models, Genetic, Models, Theoretical, Molecular Sequence Data, Phylogeny, Phylogeography, Sequence Analysis, DNA, Speciation, Vomeronasal Organ


  1. Thomas T Struhsaker, Ecology, demography, behavior, and conservation


  1. Matt Cartmill, Adaptation, Physiological, Anatomy, Animals, Anthropology, Physical, Anxiety, Biological Evolution, Bipedal locomotion, Dentition, Diet, Evolution of arboreal adaptations in mammals , Evolution of the carotid arteries and basicranium , Extremities, Feeding Behavior, Female, Fossils, Gait analysis, Gorilla gorilla, History, History and philosophy of science, History of ideas, Hominidae, Humans, Hypoglossal Nerve, Intelligence, Language, Locomotion, Male, Mental Health, Models, Biological, Origin and differentiation of primates , Origins of higher primates , Origins of language, Pan troglodytes, Phylogeny, Predatory Behavior, Primates, Primatology, Progress, Race, Skull, Species Specificity, Speech, Theoretical systematics , Tongue


  1. Vanessa Woods, bonobo chimpanzee psychology


  1. Joseph T. Feldblum, My research interests include sexual selection, cooperation, demographic influences on ...

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