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Center for African and African American Research : Research Interests


  1. J. Lorand Matory, Cultural anthropology of Africa and the African diaspora; African-inspired religions; transnationalism and the dynamism of ethnic identities; Black Ethnic Diversity in the US; the Culture of Higher Education
  2. Michaeline A. Crichlow, Globalization, migration, postcolonialism, nationalism/citizenship, Development studies
  3. Jan Riggsbee, Elementary Education, Teacher Preparation, Cognitive Developmental Theory as Applied to Teacher Education, Literacy Instruction, Early Childhood Education, Mentoring Programs/Relationships, Educational Leadership, Cooperative Learning
  4. Gilbert W. Merkx, Education
  5. Fred K. Boadu, Fractals, Information Dissemination, Information Theory, Marketing, Mathematical models, Strategic planning
  6. Anne-Maria B. Makhulu, Africa, Political Economy, Space, Cities, Informalization, Finance, Neoliberalism,
  7. Charles D. Piot, I do research on contemporary culture and politics, as well ...
  8. Karin Shapiro, South African History; American Southern and Social History

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