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Research Interests for Kent J. Rigsby

Research Interests:

Hellenistic world, Roman Empire; religion, historical geography; epigraphy, numismatics

Representative Publications
  1. Rigsby, KJ, Asylia Territorial Inviolability in the Hellenistic World (March, 1997), pp. 660 pages, Univ of California Press, ISBN 0520916379 [abs]
  2. Rigsby, KJ, Alexander’s Lysimacheia: Anna Comnena 15.7.8, Historia, vol. 64 (2015), pp. 301-305 [repository]
  3. Rigsby, KJ, A Religious Association at Sardes, Ancient Society, vol. 44 (2014), pp. 1-23, ISSN 1783-1334 [repository]
  4. Rigsby, KJ, Apollo and the Archons, in Studies in Greek epigraphy and history in honor of Stephen V. Tracy, edited by Reger, G; Ryan, FX; Winters, TF (2010), pp. 171-176, Ausonius Éditions [repository]

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