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  Atkins, Jed W.
    Boatwright, Mary T.
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    Casias, Cassandra
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    Dillon, Sheila
      Forte, Maurizio
        Jiménez, Alicia
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        Johnson, William
          Lieber, Laura S.
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          Newton, Francis
            Rigsby, Kent J.
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            Sosin, Joshua D.
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            Vander Horst, Danielle
              Weiberg, Erika
              1. Weiberg, EL. "FALSE REPORTS AND WAITING WIVES ON THE HOME FRONT IN AESCHYLUS’ AGAMEMNON AND SOPHOCLES’ TRACHINIAE." Classical Philology  vol. 117 no. 2,  (April, 2022): 282-302. [doi]  [abs]
              Werner, Shirley
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