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Publications [#287739] of Bahar Leventoglu

Journal Articles

  1. with Epstein, D; Leventoǧlu, B; O'halloran, S, Minorities and Democratization, Economics & Politics, vol. 24 no. 3 (November, 2012), pp. 259-278, WILEY, ISSN 0954-1985 [Gateway.cgi], [doi]
    (last updated on 2021/07/23)

    We analyze the process of democratization in a polity with groups that are divided along ethnic as well as economic lines. We show that: (i) the presence of ethnic minorities, in general, makes peaceful democratic transitions less likely; (ii) minorities suffer from discriminatory policies less in democracies with intermediate levels of income inequality; and (iii) in new democracies with low levels of income inequality, politics is divided along ethnic lines, and at greater levels of inequality economic cleavages predominate. © 2012 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

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