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Research Interests for Bruce J. Caldwell

Research Interests: History of economic thought, economic methodology, the writings of F.A. Hayek

Professor Caldwell's research focuses on the history of economic thought, with a specific interest in the life and works of F. A. Hayek. He is the general editor of "The Collected Works of F.A. Hayek," which is published by the University of Chicago Press and Routledge. Within this series, he has recently edited "Studies on the Abuse and Decline of Reason" (2013), and is currently working on the "The Market and Other Orders" (forthcoming). He has received grants for the Center for the History of Political Economy from the National Endowment for the Humanities (2012), the Atlas Foundation (2012), and the Thomas W. Smith Foundation (2013). He personally received the Ludwig Lachmann Fellowship from the London School of Economics, which came into effect in September 2012 and will continue until September 2015.

Recent Publications
  1. Caldwell, B, The Road to Serfdom after 75 Years, Journal of Economic Literature, vol. 58 no. 3 (September, 2020), pp. 720-748 [doi[abs]
  2. Caldwell, B, Socialism and war: Essays, documents, reviews (January, 2020), pp. 1-270, ISBN 9780415035224 [doi[abs]
  3. Caldwell, B, Popper and hayek: Who influenced whom?, in Karl Popper: A Centenary Assessment, vol. 1 (June, 2019), pp. 111-124, ISBN 9780815390060
  4. Goodwin, C; Weintraub, ER; Hoover, KD; Caldwell, B, John maynard keynes of bloomsbury: Four short talks, History of Political Economy no. 23 (February, 2019)
  5. Caldwell, B, Keynes and hayek, History of Political Economy, vol. 51 no. 1 (February, 2019), pp. 89-94 [doi]

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