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Research Interests for Michelle P. Connolly

Research Interests: Telecommunications, Media, Spectrum Policy, International Trade, Growth and Development

Professor Connolly’s research and teaching focus specifically on international trade, telecommunications policy, media policy, education, growth, and development. She has received funding for her research from Arts and Sciences Research Council Grants, the Spencer Grant, and the Teagle Grant. Recent titles of her writings include, “Sustaining the Goose that Lays the Golden Egg: A Continuous Treatment of Technological Transfer” with Nelson Sa and Pietro Peretto, “The Manhattan Metaphor” with Pietro Peretto, “Economics at the Federal Communications Commission: 2006-2007” with Evan Kwerel, and “Implications of Intellectual Property Right for Dynamic Gains from Trade” with Diego Valderrama. Her working papers for 2009 include the titles, “What’s on TV? An Analysis of Programming Offered by U.S. Cable and Broadcasting” with Gregory Crawford, and “The Market for Broadband” with James Prieger. She is also conducting two studies with Kei-Mu Yi involving South Korea and trade policy.

Professor Connolly has published and presented her ideas extensively. Her articles and papers have appeared in numerous journals, including the American Economic Review, the Journal of Development Economics, the Journal of Economic History, the Journal of Economic Growth, the Review of Industrial Organization, and Current Issues in Economics and Finance.

In 2011, Professor Connolly testified before Congress and participated in a White House panel on Spectrum Issues. She has been presenting her work at university seminars and international conferences since 1996. Some of her appearances were at the ACLP Advanced Communications 2009 Summit, where she was a panelist and moderator, at the conference on “Wireless Technologies: Enabling Innovation and Economic Growth”, where she served as a keynote panelist, and at the Martin H. Crego Lecture in Economics, an all college Lecture at Vassar College. In 2013 Professor Connolly was awarded a National Science Foundation Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace Grant, “Dollars for Hertz: Making Trustworthy Spectrum Sharing Technically and Economically Viable.”

Growth, Technological Diffusion, International Trade, Human Capital, R&D, Intellectual Property Rights, Telecommunications Policy, Media Policy, Spectrum Policy
Areas of Interest:

Technological Diffusion
International Trade
Human Capital
Intellectual Property Rights
Telecommunications Policy
Media Policy
Spectrum Policy

Recent Publications
  1. Sá, N; Connolly, MP, An Economic Model of Tiered Spectrum Access (September, 2018)
  2. Connolly, M; Lim, E; Mitchell, F; Trivedi, A, The 2016 FCC Broadcast Incentive Auction (March, 2018)
  3. Connolly, MP; Sá, N; Zaman, A; Roark, C; Trivedi, A, The Evolution of U.S. Spectrum Values Over Time (February, 2018)
  4. Connolly, MP; Sá, N; Zaman, A; Roark, C; Trivedi, A, The Evolution of U.S. Spectrum Values Over Time, Economic Research Initiatives at Duke (Erid) Working Paper no. 247 (February, 2018)
  5. Jamison, MA; Connolly, MP; Faulhaber, GR; Hauge, JA; Prieger, JE, Economic Scholars' Summary of Economic Literature Regarding Title II Regulation of the Internet (July, 2017)

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