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Biographical Info of Gale A. Boyd

Gale Boyd is the Director of the Triangle Research Data Center (TRDC), a partnership between the U.S. Bureau of Census and Duke University in cooperation with the University of North Carolina, NC State, and Research Triangle Institute. The TRDC is one of 19 locations in the country where research on the confidential micro-data collected by the Federal Statistical System can be conducted. Dr. Boyd has almost 20 years of experience working with confidential data. His research applies frontier production function and data envelopment analysis approaches to industrial plant-level data for microeconomic modeling of industrial energy demand, emissions, and productivity. He is currently developing a series of industry specific energy efficiency benchmarking tools for use in the EPA Energy Star voluntary energy efficiency program. Prior to joining the Economics department at Duke, Gale was an economist and section leader of the Social Science, Policy and Law Section at Argonne National Laboratory.

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