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Biographical Info of John A Forlines III

John A. Forlines III is Chairman and Chief Investment Officer at JAForlines Global (JFG), a New York-based investment management company specializing in separately managed accounts and model account strategies for broker/dealers, RIAs and their representatives. JFG also offers a tactical allocation Collective Fund for use in 401(k) plans and is sub-advisor to the American Independence Risk-Managed Allocation Fund.

Mr. Forlines also currently serves as Senior Advisor to Core Asset Management Company and previously served as the Co-Chair and President of the Investment Committee of Core. Prior to joining Core, Mr. Forlines was a founder of a Family Office, which is active primarily in charitable support for education in the United States. Mr. Forlines also enjoyed a long career with J.P. Morgan from 1985-2000, serving various roles within the firm, including Vice President of Structured Products, Co-Head of the U.S. Private Equity Group, Managing Director in the Securities Business Development Group and Managing Director and Co-Head of U.S. Tech, Media & Telecom Investment Banking. Mr. Forlines is admitted to the practice of law in the State of New York; before his career at JP Morgan his legal work specialized in structured debt and equity products.

Graduating from Duke University with Honors in English and Economics, Mr. Forlines has also earned his J.D. from the Duke University School of Law.

Outside of his professional career, Mr. Forlines has served on the Girl Scouts of America National Investment Committee and is on the Duke University Athletic Advisory Board. He is also a Director of the North Shore Wildlife Sanctuary and the Ruth Z. Fleishman Foundation. John and his wife, Anne, have a daughter working in the fashion industry in New York City, a daughter in The Columbia University Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program and a son who is a freshman at Duke University.

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