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Biographical Info of Kent P. Kimbrough

Kent P. Kimbrough earned his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago. Afterward, he joined the economics department at Duke University in 1980. He offers courses to graduate and undergraduate students on material pertaining to international economics and macroeconomics.

He is currently teaching macroeconomic analysis, a workshop on international economics, and conducting a seminar in international monetary theory. Outside of the classroom, Kent has acted as mentor for many of his students, serving as chair position and committee member for several graduate dissertation committees and recruiting committees throughout his career.

When he is not working with his students, Kent conducts extensive research within his fields of interest. His specialties being international economics and macroeconomics, his work delves deeper into these areas by focusing on the topics of inflation tax, optimal taxation, the macroeconomic implications of trade policy and of tariffs, and the welfare and revenue effects of inflation. His recent studies explore “commercial policy and the incidence of poverty in popular trade models,” “international portfolio diversification, financial intermediation and financial controls,” and “foreign exchange controls and liquidity constraints in financial markets.”

Kent’s research findings and ideas have been published in numerous esteemed academic journals and books. His work has appeared in such journals as the Open Economies Review, the Journal of Monetary Economics, the Journal of Economic Integration, the International Review of Economics and Finance, and the Journal of Economic Literature. His contributions to chapters in books include The New Pelgrave Dictionary of Money and Finance, in which he discusses the inflation tax. He has written several book reviews and contributed to the editing process for the works of his students and colleagues.

His own published works are frequently referenced within others’ economic research. Another of Kent’s recent accomplishments was his completion of a textbook on international economics, written for undergraduate students. For much of Kent’s work, he is the sole author, although he has completed some of his articles in collaboration with other economists, including Grant W. Gardner and Jeremy Greenwood.

Outside of his duties as a professor and researcher, Kent is also the co-editor of the Southern Economic Journal.

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