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Research Interests for Todd Sarver

Research Interests:

Todd Sarver’s research focuses on microeconomic theory, decision theory, and behavioral economics. His interests include modeling psychological phenomenon such as regret and temptation, cognitive constraints and bounded rationality, and attitudes toward risk in dynamic environments. He has received grants from the National Science Foundation, and his most recent work has been published in Econometrica and Games and Economic Behavior.

Recent Publications
  1. Sarver, T, Dynamic Mixture-Averse Preferences, Econometrica, vol. 86 no. 4 (January, 2018), pp. 1347-1382 [doi[abs]
  2. Ahn, D; Iijima, R; Yaouanq, Y; Sarver, TD, Behavioral Characterizations of Naiveté for Time-Inconsistent Preferences no. 238 (November, 2016), pp. 60 pages [doi[abs]
  3. Sarver, TD, Mixture-Averse Preferences and Heterogeneous Stock Market Participation no. 229 (September, 2016), pp. 75 pages [abs]
  4. Ergin, H; Sarver, T, Hidden actions and preferences for timing of resolution of uncertainty, Theoretical Economics, vol. 10 no. 2 (May, 2015), pp. 489-541, The Econometric Society, ISSN 1933-6837 [doi[abs]
  5. Ahn, D; Sarver, TD, Comparative Measures of Naivet é no. 186 (April, 2015), pp. 41 pages [abs]

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