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Publications [#349206] of Tracy R. Lewis

Journal Articles

  1. Lewis, T; Schwartz, A, Unenforceable securitization contracts, Yale Journal on Regulation, vol. 37 no. 1 (December, 2020), pp. 164-218
    (last updated on 2023/03/21)

    A "portfolio" here is a bundled set of contracts. In this Article, we address a commercially important example, where a local bank finances home purchases. The bank bundles the resultant contracts-the mortgage-backed securities (MBS)-into a portfolio, which it then sells to a firm, denoted an "originator. " The originator buys portfolios from several local banks and sells the portfolios to a large bank, which markets the portfolios to public-investment vehicles, such as trusts. "Portfolio contracts" govern each of these sales. Copyrights

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