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Logging in and Getting Started in the Faculty Database System

Logging In

Go to

Click the Login button.

Enter your Duke NetID and password (the same ID and password needed to log into your Duke email account).

Getting Started

Once you are logged in, you can use the links in the left sidebar, or the links in the text of your welcome page, to view or update your data.

Webpage View
Click the "Webpage" link in the side bar to see your department Web page. Only the information which your department has chosen to make public will appear on these pages. You will see "edit" links next to items on your Web pages which you can click to modify those items. The "Edit" link next to your name will allow you to edit general information such as contact info, office hours, and research interests.

Curriculum Vitae View
In the navigation links on the left hand side, under the Webpage link (you may have to click Webpage to expand it) is a Curriculum Vitae link. Click this to view your data in CV format. You can add or edit information by clicking the "edit" or "new" links next to items in your CV. Links at the top of the page allow you to view a printable version of your CV, or download a copy as a PDF document.

Database View
Click on "Database" in the left sidebar to add or edit the bulk of your database information. Categories for editing appear directly below the Database link and include Publications, Degrees, Grants, Teaching, Committees, etc. Once you have clicked on a Database category, such as Publications, click "View All" at the top of the page to see all your entered publications, or "New" to add a new entry.

The Curriculum Vitae and Webpage views of your data are compiled views, meaning that not all of the information entered into FDS will be displayed on these pages. If you have entered information which does not appear where you expected it to, you can always locate it in the appropriate category under "Database". Click on a Database category, such as Publications. Then click "View All," at the top of the page, to see all your entered publications, or "New" to add a new entry.

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