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Publications of Dominika M Baran    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


  1. Baran, D. Language in immigrant America. January, 2017. 1-357 pp. [doi]  [abs]

Essays/Articles/Chapters in Books

  1. Baran, D. "Translocal spaces and identities: Negotiating belonging among former refugees in a Facebook group message." Language, Identity and Community (Lodz Studies in Language Series) Ed. Ciepiela, K. Peter Lang, (2019)
  2. Avineri, N. "Immigrants Facing Linguistic Barriers in the U.S. Justice System: Case Studies from North Carolina." Ed. Graham, L; Johnson, E; Riner, R; Rosa, J. Routledge,
  3. Baran, DM. "Narratives of migration on Facebook: Belonging and identity among former fellow refugees." Language in Society 47.2Cambridge University Press (CUP), (April, 2018): 245-268. [doi]  [abs]
  4. Baran, D. "Linguistic practice and identity work: Variation in Taiwan Mandarin at a Taipei County high school." Journal of Sociolinguistics 18.1 (January, 2014): 32-59. [doi]  [abs]
  5. Baran, DM. "Working with adolescents: Identity, power and responsibility in sociolinguistic ethnography." Practices of Ethics: An Empirical Approach to Ethics in Social Sciences.. Ed. Paoletti, I; Tomas, A; Mendez, F. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013. 155-176.
  6. Baran, DM. "Negotiating Complex Identities: Language Choice, Code-switching, and Identity in Taiwan." Language and Identity: the Selected Papers of the International Conference Ed. Ashley, LRN; Finke, WH. Cummings and Hathaway Publishers, (2002): 63-75.  Sponsored by the American Society of Geolinguistics
  7. Baran, DM. "The Role of Russian Function Words in Urban Colloquial Uzbek." Proceedings From the 2000 Symposium About Language and Society Austin (Salsa) 44.1 (2000): 18-32.

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