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Elgin W. Mellown  
Assoicate Professor Emeritus

Email Address: melelg@gmail.com


Ph.D., King's College, University of London

M.A. (awarded with a "Mark of Distinction"), Queen Mary College, University of London

Interpreters Institute, Heidelberg, Germany

B.A., Emory University

Representative Publications   (More Publications)

  1. ""Kenneth Grahame" and "David Lodge"." Encyclopedia of British Humorists. Ed. Steven Gale.  2003.  pages 458-464 and 651-710
  2. E.W. Mellown. ""Music and Dance in D. H. Lawrence"." Journal of Modern Literature 21 (1997): 49-60.
  3. E.W. Mellown. "Character and Theme in the Novels of Jean Rhys." Critical Perspectives on Jean Rhys. Ed. Pierrette Frickey.  1990. 103-17. See also editor's introduction to the bibliography in this volume acknowledging her use of the Mellown Bibliography of Jean Rhys
  4. E.W. Mellown. Edwin Muir. Twayne English Authors Series, No. 248 Boston: Twayne Publishers, G.K. Hall and Co., 181 pp, 1979.
  5. E.W. Mellown. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Bibliographies of Twentieth Century British Poets, Novelists, and Dramatists. 2nd Edition Whitston, 1978.

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