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Publications of JP Gritton    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


  1. Gritton, JP. Wyoming. Tin House Books, September, 2019.

Essays/Articles/Chapters in Books

  1. "The Stunt Double."  InTransation,  translated by Gritton, JP
  2. Gritton, JP. "Andre and Sonja, as Friends." Noo Journal  (2008)

Short Stories

  1. Gritton, JP. "Beirut." Cimarron Review (2019).
  2. Gritton, JP. "Sidekicks." New Ohio Review Online (2018).
  3. Gritton, JP. "Harvey in the Age of Disbelief." The Spouter (August, 2017).
  4. Gritton, JP. "Wyoming."  (Tin House, March, 2017).
  5. Gritton, JP. "Fence Jumper."  (2017).
  6. Gritton, JP. "Last Waltz." The Greensboro Review (2016).
  7. Gritton, JP. "Curly." The Santa Monica Review 25.2 (2013).
  8. Gritton, JP. "Apocalypse, Later." Gulf Coast (Houston): a Journal of Literature and Fine Arts (December, 2012).
  9. Gritton, JP. "The Sleep Room." 12.1 (Harpur Palate, 2012).
  10. Gritton, JP. "Windrows."  (Black Warrior Review, 2011).
  11. Gritton, JP. "The Story of 'Le Violin d'Ingres,' bought at a Target in Denver Suburb." Thiees Jargon (April, 2009).
  12. Gritton, JP. "Year of the Pig." Ascent Aspirations (2009).
  13. Gritton, JP. "One Time an English Man Drunk in Mexico." Thieves Jargon (November, 2008).
  14. Gritton, JP. "When They Take Everything You've Got." Orato (October, 2008).
  15. Gritton, JP. "This Place Feels Like Hell and I Want to Go Home and Do You Mind Giving Me a Ride." Juked (July, 2008).
  16. Gritton, JP. "Paris, France: Son of a Bitch." Thiees Jargon (March, 2008).
  17. Gritton, JP. "Un Perfil de vendedor." La Calle: Superando La Limosna (2008).

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