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Michael F D'AlessandroMichael F D'Alessandro  
Assistant Professor of English and Theater Studies

Office Location: 502 Allen Building, Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone: (919) 684-2741
Email Address: michael.dalessandro@duke.edu
Web Page: https://duke.box.com/s/35ubh78f2amdes9eziorbodxe3a8j2sh

Office Hours:

Virtual Office Hours:
Tuesdays 2:00 to 3:30pm

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Ph.D., Boston University

M.F.A., Yale University

B.A., Hamilton College

Representative Publications   (More Publications)

  1. D’Alessandro, M. "Storms! Shipwrecks! Massacres!." American Art 33.3University of Chicago Press, (September, 2019): 94-113. [doi]
  2. D'Alessandro, M. "Stumbling Into Utopia." Duke Magazine Special 2019 (August, 2019).
  3. D'Alessandro, M. "“Storms! Shipwrecks! Massacres!: Playbill Puffery and Other Visual Collisions in Nineteenth-Century America.”." American Art 33.3University of Chicago Press, (2019): 94-113.
  4. D'Alessandro, MF. ""George Lippard's 'Theatre of Hell': Apocalyptic Melodrama and Working-Class Spectatorship in the Quaker City."." The Journal of Nineteenth Century Americanists 5.2 (2017)
  5. D'Alessandro, M. "The Drunkard's Directions: Mapping Urban Space in the Antebellum Temperance Drama." The New England Quarterly 87.2MIT Press - Journals, (June, 2014): 252-291. [doi]  [abs]

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