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Research Interests for Melissa Malouf

Research Interests: Creative Writing

Melissa Malouf is Professor of the Practice of English, Director of the Office of Undergraduate Scholars and Fellows, and the Arts in Contemporary Society FOCUS program. She is the author of a novel, It Had to Be You (Avisson Press, 1997) and a collection of stories, No Guarantees (William Morrow, 1990). One of the stories in this collection, "The Golden Robe," was awarded a prestigious Pushcart Prize (1989). Several of her stories have been cited for excellence by both Pushcart and Best American Short Stories; two of them appear in North Carolina anthologies of contemporary literature. She has written three one-act plays, which premiered at Duke, as well as two opera libretti, one of them commissioned by The Durham Arts Council. Dr. Malouf is the recipient of The Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award (1997), and is the Director of the Office of Undergraduate Scholars and Fellows.

Creative writing (Higher education), Mystery, Older women
Areas of Interest:

Creative Writing
Non-Fiction Prose
Literary History

Representative Publications
  1. Malouf, M, No Guarantees (1990), William Morrow & Co. (a collection of stories; reprinted in paperback edition (Avisson P, 1998).)
  2. Malouf, M, It Had to be You: The Joan and Ernest Story (1997), Avisson Press (a novel.)
  3. Red Horse Running Through Water, Mid-American Review (Fall 1984), reprinted in Voices from Home: The North Carolina Prose Anthology (Fall 1997) (Fall, 1984)
  4. From You Know Who, Raritan (Winter 1984); reprinted in This Is Where We Live: Short Stories by 25 Contemporary North Carolina Writers (Fall 2000) (Winter, 1984)

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