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Tsitsi E. JajiTsitsi E. Jaji  
Associate Professor of English and African and African American Studies

Office Location: 304D Allen Building, Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone: (919) 684-2741
Email Address: tsitsi.jaji@duke.edu

Office Hours:

Tuesdays 1-3 pm and by appointment (please email to arrange)


Ph.D., Cornell University

Representative Publications

  1. Jaji, TE. "Within Earshot of Africa—Meditations on The Sound of Culture." Small Axe 22.1Duke University Press, (March, 2018): 159-171. [doi]
  2. "Cassava Westerns: Theorizing the Pleasures of Playing the Outlaw in Africa." The Western in the Global South. Routledge, 2015.   [abs]
  3. Jaji, TE. Africa in Stereo: Modernism, Music, and Pan-African Solidarity. Oxford University Press, January, 2014. 288 pages pp.  [abs]
  4. Jaji. Africa in Stereo: Moderism, Music and Pan-African Solidarity.  2014.  [abs]

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