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Tsitsi E. JajiTsitsi E. Jaji  
Associate Professor of English and African and African American Studies

Office Location: 304D Allen Building, Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone: (919) 684-2741
Email Address: tsitsi.jaji@duke.edu

Teaching (Fall, 2021):

  • Music 690s-1.01, Composition sem (topics) Synopsis
    Biddle 069, F 10:15 AM-12:45 PM
  • Music 690s-1.02, Composition sem (topics) Synopsis
    Online on, F 10:15 AM-12:45 PM

Office Hours:

By appointment on Tuesdays 9.30-12.30 (please e mail to schedule or request alternative time)


Ph.D., Cornell University

Representative Publications   (More Publications)

  1. Jaji, T. "Our Readers Write: mediating Africa Poetry's Audiences." Research in African Literatures Indiana University Press, (2020)
  2. Jaji, T. "Trade of Tears: Removal's Resonance in the Black Atlantic." The Acoustics of the Social on Page and Screen. Ed. Aghoro, N. Bloomsbury, 2020. 
  3. Jaji, TE. Mother Tongues Poems. Northwestern University Press, November, 2019. 104 pages pp.  [abs]
  4. Jaji, T. "Zimbabwe in Verse: Anthologizing an Alternative Historiography." New Literary History 50.4Project Muse, (2019): 609-639. [doi]
  5. Jaji, T. "Bingo Magazine in the Age of Pan-African Festivals." Nka Journal of Contemporary African Art 2018.42-43Duke University Press, (November, 2018): 110-123. [doi]

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