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Publications of Ara Wilson    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:



  1. Wilson, A. The Intimate Economies of Bangkok: Tomboys, Tycoons, and Avon Ladies in The Global City.  University of California, 2004. [html]

Book Chapters

  1. Wilson, A. "Urban Sexualities." Wiley Blackwell Companion to Urban Anthropology. Edited by Nonini, D. 2014.
  2. Wilson, A. "Intimacy: A Useful Concept for Global Analysis." The global and the intimate : feminism in our time. Edited by Pratt, G; Rosner, V. January, 2012: 31-56. [repository]
  3. Wilson, A. "NGOs as Erotic Sites." Development, Sexual Rights and Global Governance. Edited by Lind, A. January, 2010.
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  17. Wilson, A. "American Catalogues of Asian Brides."  1988.

Papers Published

  1. Wilson, A. "Invited Remarks on The Twilight of Cutting." Somatosphere: Science, Medicine, and Anthropology (Online)  (2019).  [abs]

Journal Articles

  1. Wilson, A. "Women's sports and the forgotten gender." Law and Contemporary Problems 80:4 (January, 2017): 8-23.
  2. Wilson, A. "The infrastructure of intimacy." Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 41:2 (December, 2016): 247-280. [doi]  [abs]
  3. Wilson, A. "Intimität. Eine nützliche kategorie transnationaler analyse." Feministische Studien 32:1 (May, 2014): 63-77. [doi]
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  5. A. Wilson. "Anthropology and the Political Philsophy of Hardt and Negri: Introduction." Focaal Special Theme Issue on Hardt & Negri (2012). [Wilson Focaal Introduction 2012]
  6. Wilson, A. "National Economy and Bodily Scales: Medical Tourism in Thailand." Body and Society Special Issue on Medical Migrations (2011).
  7. Wilson, A. "Post-fordist desires: The commodity aesthetics of bangkok sex shows." Feminist Legal Studies 18:1 (April, 2010): 53-67. [Gateway.cgi], [doi]  [abs]
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  9. Wilson, A. "Sexuelle Gerechtigkeit und die globalisierungskritische Bewegung."  Translation and reprint of "Sex at the Forum" Luxembourg. 1 (2010).
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  18. Wilson, A. "“Report: Lesbian Visibility and Sexual Rights at Beijing”." Signs 22 (1996): 214-218. [repository]

Work in Progress

  1. Wilson, A. Invited Comments on “Maintenance Space: The Political Authority of Garbage in Kampala, Uganda” by Jacob Doherty..  University of Chicago Press, 2019: 41-42.
  2. Wilson, A. Special Issue: Anthropology and the Radical Political Philosophy of Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt.  edited by Wilson, A2012. (Guest editor, Special Issue)  [abs]
  3. Wilson, A. Medical Tourism Project. 2010.  [abs]
  4. Wilson, A. Sexual Latitudes: The Erotic Life of Globalization. 2010.  [abs]

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