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Publications [#341401] of Amy L. Hall

Book Chapters

  1. Hall, AL. "The Trinity and Moral Life: Julian's Trinitarian Logic of Love and Contagion." The Oxford Handbook of the Trinity January, 2012. [doi]

    © Oxford University Press 2011. All rights reserved. This article examines the relation between the doctrine of Trinity and moral life in the context of Julian of Norwich's Trinitarian logic of love and contagion. It discusses Julian's thoughts about the black plague and her insistence that in the Trinity all things will be well, a vision that inspires moral and physical solidarity with contagious outsiders today. It comments on Julian's odd version of the Trinity as answering the "unreasonable depression and doubtful fear" brought on by a crisis of plague and suggests that it is possible to connect Julian's words of wellness today to ecclesial practices of lived, liturgical solidarity.

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