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Publications [#259102] of Frances S. Hasso

Journal Articles

  1. with Abu-Lughod, L; Adely, FJ; Hasso, FS. "Overview: Engaging the Arab Human Development Report 2005 on Women." International Journal of Middle East Studies 41:1 (May, 2009): 59-60. [doi]

    The Arab Human Development Report 2005: Towards the Rise of Women in the Arab World (AHDR 2005), published in Arabic with English and French translations, was launched at the end of 2006. With a title carefully crafted to avoid Western development buzzwords like "empowerment" and to signal the inclusion of all women living in the region, it is the third in a series of detailed studies meant to unpack the themes of the original overview report that garnered both acclaim and criticism when it was published in 2002. The other two topical reports examine what were billed as "deficits" in knowledge and in freedom. This one tackles what the original report framed as the third major obstacle to the flourishing of the Arab world: the deficit in gender equality. © 2009 Cambridge University Press.

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