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Jehanne Gheith, Associate Professor of Slavic Languages and Literature and Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies and Chair of Slavic and Eurasian Studies

Jehanne Gheith
Office Location:  321C Languages Bldg, 133 Franklin Center, Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone:  (919) 660-3147
Email Address:  send me a message

Teaching (Spring 2022):

  • Russian 278s.01, Lit and film of pandemic Synopsis
    Languages 114, MW 03:30 PM-04:45 PM
    (also cross-listed as ENGLISH 243S.01, GLHLTH 278S.01, ICS 251S.01, LIT 278S.01)

  • Ph.D. Stanford University 1992
  • MSW UNC-Chapel Hill 2009
  • MA in Russian Literature Stanford University, Stanford California 1987
  • BA in Russian Literature (summa cum laude) Boston University, Boston, MA 1983


Cultural Memory
International Comparative Studies
Gender Studies
Women's Studies
Curriculum Vitae
Recent Publications   (More Publications)
  1. Goss, KA. "Introduction."  10 (January, 2014): 265-270. [doi]
  2. Gheith, J. "Reflections on Sibling Grief." Epilogue  (Fall, Fall, 2005).
  3. Izatt, JA; Fujimoto, JG; Tuchin, VV. "Introduction."  8213 (January, 2012): xv-xvii. [doi]
  4. Gheith, J. "Article on Gulag Research."  Spring, 2012. Although this is a student-run journal, it is important for me that Duke students share in my research on the Gulag, so I inlcude it here. Encompass  (2012).
  5. Gheith, J. Gulag Voices. January, 2011.

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