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Publications [#285497] of Irene Silverblatt

Book Chapters

  1. Silverblatt, I. "Definiciones de la Modernidad y Inquisiciones Modernas." Reestructuracion de las Ciencias Sociales en los Paises Andinos. Edited by Gomez, S. 2001.

    This essay explores the way in which “modernity” has been defined in the English speaking world and asks how that definition has excluded the participation of Spain and the Spanish colonies. I trace this process back to the 16th century and the propoganda wars (the Black Legend) of England against its principal rival, Spain. Currently, while academics in the Latin America trace the beginning of “modernity” to Spanish colonialism, counterparts in the United States and England have tended to look at the nineteenth century – when British colonialism achieved dominance.

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