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Tina M Campt, Professor Women's Studies and History

Office Location:  210 East Duke Building
Office Phone:  (919) 684-4267
Email Address:  send me a message


  • PhD Cornell University 1996
  • MA Cornell University 1990
  • BA Vassar College 1986


Race and Ethnicity
Curriculum Vitae
Recent Publications   (More Publications)
  1. T.M. Campt. "“What’s the ‘trans’ and where’s the ‘national’ in transnational feminist practice? – A Response” Feminist Review." Feminist Review  (Accepted, 2010).
  2. T.M. Campt. "“Pictures of Us? Blackness, Diaspora and the Afro-German Subject”." From Black to Schwarz: Cultural Crossovers between African Americans and Germans. Edited by Maria Diedrich and Juergen Heinrichs. 2010: 139-160.
  3. T.M. Campt. Image Matters: Archive, Photography and the African Diaspora in Europe.  Duke University Press, 2010. (In Press - Manuscript accepted 8/2010)  [abs]
  4. T.M. Campt and Jennifer Tucker. "“Entwined Practices: Engagements with Photography in Historical Inquiry”." History and Theory 48 (December, December, 2009).
  5. T.M. Campt. "Family Matters: Race, Gender and Belonging in Black German Photography." Social Text 98 (Spring, Spring, 2009): 83-114.

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