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Information Science + Studies : Research Interests

Program Director

  1. Victoria Szabo, new media, visual studies, digital humanities, digital heritage

Undergraduate Curriculum Director

  1. Richard A. Lucic, Tools for computer science education, management of research, industrial relations, ...

Related Faculty

  1. Owen L. Astrachan, Object-oriented design, software architecture, computer science education, apprentice learning, and ...
  2. Robert C. Duvall, Object-oriented programming, design patterns, graphics, animation and visualization, artificial life, ...
  3. Maurizio Forte, Digital knowledge of the past, Classical Archaeology, Iron Age, Etruscology, Cybernetics, Neuro-Art, Simulations, Memetics
  4. Mark B. Hansen, Cultural Theory and Media Studies, Philosophy of New Media, Phenomenology and Cognitive Science
  5. N. Katherine Hayles, Digital Humanities; Electronic LIterature; Literature, Science and Technology; Science Fiction; Critial Theory
  6. Scott A. Lindroth, I compose instrumental and vocal music as well as work ...
  7. Robert E. Mitchell, British Literature of the Romantic Era; Romanticism; 18th Century Literature; Literature and Science
  8. Mark Olson, Mark Olson is Cordelia and William Laverack Family Assistant Professor ...
  9. Kenneth S. Rogerson, International communications; media; foreign policy; Internet politics and policy
  10. William Seaman, Generative Poetic Systems, Interactive Art, Experimental Art, Music, Installation Art, Generative Computational Tools, New Forms of Computation, Recombinant Informatics, Recombinant Poetics
  11. Kristine Stiles, My research concerns all aspects of global contemporary art and ...
  12. John Supko, Electroacoustic Music, Computer-assisted composition
  13. Priscilla Wald, American Literature; Literature and Medicine; Literature and Science; Literature and Law; science and new media; race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity;
  14. Jennifer C. Woods, Late and Medieval Latin Literature; early medieval homiletics, monastic culture; ...

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