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Research Interests for Hsiao-Mei Ku

Research Interests: Ciompi Quartet and Chinese Music and Heritage

  1. Numerous solo and chamber music appearances internationally as well as in the U. S. A. 
 2.Recordings with Ciompi Quartet on Sheffield Lab and Albany labels.
3.Solo CD album, "Music of Violn and Piano of Ma Sicong (I)", is first of the Naxos’s new series “Chinese Classics”, released under Naxos in July 2007
4. Solo CD of “Music for violin and Piano” volume 2 (Naxos 8.570605) by the Chinese composer Ma Sicong has been featured at ClassicsOnline in November, 2009 and has been released by Naxos in March, 2010.  The album can be found at:

Current projects:
A music composition " Sound. Distant" for violin and guzheng by Mark Kuss was premiered on my annual recital in fall of 2009 at Duke that was original created as a music response to Nasher Museum's exhibition entitled: "Displacement: Three Gorges Dam and Contemporary Chinese Art", has now developed into a collaboration on an extended work, a concerto in three movements for violin, guzheng and an orchestra. This project will have a great impact in the music world and as it is a first work ever written for violin and guzheng assisted by a western orchestra --a combination that has apparently no active history. Orchestra New England (ONE) in New Haven, Connecticut has invited composer Mark Kuss to write a three movements work featuring Jennifer Chang and me as the soloists and this new work will be premiered on May 7, 2011 as part of ONE's 2010-11 subscription series. An additional collaboration with Duke Chamber Players, a student-run chamber music orchestra during DCP’s 2010-11 season will be held at Von der Heyden, Perkins Library in April 2011.
Areas of Interest:

Ciompi Quartet
Chinese Music and Heritage

Recent Publications
  1. H. Ku, Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst, TOCC 0189, vol. 4 (2013), Toccata Classics, 16 Dalkeith Court, Vencent Street, London, SW1P 4HH, UK [abs]
  2. with “Music for violin and Piano” volume 2, by the Chinese composer Ma Sicong, Naxos 8.570605, vol. 2 (March, 2010), Naxos
  3. Hsiao-mei Ku and Ning Lu, "Music for Violin and Piano" Vol.II by Ma Sicong (November, 2009), ClassicsOnline, ClassicsOnline:
  4. Hsiao-mei Ku and Ning Lu, Violin and Piano Music of Ma Sicong (I) (July, 2007), Naxos
  5. Malcom Peyton, String Quartet No.2 (November, 2005) [abs]

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