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Publications of Nicholas Stoia    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


  1. Stoia, N. Sweet thing: The history and musical structure of a shared american vernacular form.  Oxford University Press, USA, January, 2021 (1-266 pp.). [doi]  [abs]


  1. Stoia, N. "Blues Lyric Formulas in Early Country Music, Rhythm and Blues, and Rock and Roll." Music Theory Online 26.4 (December, 2020). [doi]  [abs]
  2. Stoia, N. "The Tour-of-Keys Model and the Prolongational Structure in Sonata-Form Movements by Haydn and Mozart." Journal of Schenkerian Studies 12 (2019): 79-123.
  3. Stoia, N; Adams, K; Drakulich, K. "Rap Lyrics as Evidence: What Can Music Theory Tell Us?." Race and Justice  (January, 2017).  [abs]
  4. Stoia, N. "Triple Counterpoint and Six-Four Chords in J.S. Bach’s Sinfonia in F Minor." Music Analysis 34.3 (October, 2015): 305-334. [doi]
  5. Stoia, N. "The Common Stock of Schemes in Early Blues and Country Music." Music Theory Spectrum 35.2 (2013): 194-234. [doi]
  6. Stoia, N. "Mode, Harmony, and Dissonance Treatment in American Folk and Popular Music, c. 1920-1945." Music Theory Online 16.3 (August, 2010).  [abs]

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