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Publications [#224562] of Stephen Jaffe


  1. S. Jaffe. Elation. 2014 . [available here]
    (last updated on 2014/08/20)

    Author's Comments:
    The album includes YTTE, Scott Lindroth’s trio for flute, viola, and guitar, as well as first commercial recordings of OFFERING, for flute, viola and harp, and FOUR PIECES QUASI SONATA for viola and piano, as well as Creature to Creature, by Miriam Gideon. Performers include Laura Gilbert, flute; Jonathan Bagg, viola; Daniel Lippel, guitar, Donald Berman, piano, Stacy Shames, harp, and Elizabeth Shamash, mezzo-soprano. The disc was warmly engineered by Judith Sherman. The cover photo is by Brian H. Peterson.


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