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Music : Publications since January 2017

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Giles, Roseen H

  1. Giles, R. "Physicality and Devotion in Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber’s Rosary Sonatas." Yale Journal of Music and Religion 4.2 (2018): 68-104.
  2. Giles, R. "Monteverdi, Marino and the aesthetic of meraviglia." Early Music 45.3 (December, 2017): 415-427. [doi]

Meintjes, Louise

  1. Meintjes, L. Dust of the Zulu: Ngoma Aesthetics after Apartheid.  Duke University Press Books, August, 2017 (360 pages pp.).  [abs]

Penner, Nina

  1. Penner, N. "Rethinking the Diegetic/Nondiegetic Distinction in the Film Musical." Music and the Moving Image 10.3 (2017): 3-20.

Rupprecht, Philip

  1. Rupprecht, P. "Scenes from Britten's 'Spring Symphony'." Literary Britten. Edited by Kennedy, K. Boydell 2018.
  2. Rupprecht, P. "Images in Sound: Movement, Harmony and Colour in the Early Music." The Music of Simon Holt. Edited by Charlton, D. Boydell June, 2017.
  3. Rupprecht, P. "Tonality Rediscovered: Oliver Knussen and the Musical ‘Object’ in the 1970s.." Tonality Since 1950. Edited by Woerner, F; Scheideler, U; Rupprecht, P. Franz Steiner Verlag February, 2017: 209--231.
  4.  Tonality Since 1950.  edited by Woerner, F; Scheideler, U; Rupprecht, P Franz Steiner Verlag, 2017 .
  5. Rupprecht, P. "Quickenings of the Heart: Notes on Rhythm and Tempo in Britten’s Music." Benjamin Britten Studies: Essays on an Inexplicit Art. Edited by Stroeher, V; Vickers, J. Boydell Press 2017: 317-345.
  6. Rupprecht, P; Woerner, F; Scheideler, U. "Introduction." Tonality Since 1950. Edited by Woerner, F; Scheideler, U; Rupprecht, P. Franz Steiner Verlag 2017: 9-24.

Stoia, Nicholas

  1. Stoia, N; Adams, K; Drakulich, K. "Rap Lyrics as Evidence: What Can Music Theory Tell Us?." Race and Justice  (January, 2017).  [abs]

Todd, R. Larry

  1. Todd, RL; Moskovitz, M. Beethoven's Cello: Five Revolutionary Sonatas and Their World.  Boydell Press, October, 2017 .

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