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Music : Publications since January 2019

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Luppi, Guillermo

  1. Luppi, G. "Reviviendo al tango: Interpretación Históricamente Informada (HIP) en la primera década del tango joven." Revista Del Instituto De Investigaciones Musicológicas Carlos Vega 33.1 (September, 2019): 67-91.

Ramage, Maxwell

  1. Ramage, M. "Repetitive Variety and Other Balancing Acts: Debussy's Transcendental Oscillations (forthcoming)." Music Theory and Analysis 7.2 (2020).

Rupprecht, Philip

  1. Rupprecht, P. "Rhythmic Dignity: Motive, Signal, and Flux in the Music of James Dillon." vol. 34 no. 4 2019: 347-376.

Stoia, Nicholas

  1. Stoia, N. "The Tour-of-Keys Model and the Prolongational Structure in Sonata-Form Movements by Haydn and Mozart." Journal of Schenkerian Studies 12 (2019): 79-123.

Todd, R. Larry

  1. Todd, RL. "Leipzig after Bach: Church & Concert Life in a German City." Bach 50.2 (2019): 308-313.

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