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Music : Publications since January 2022

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Giles, Roseen

  1. Giles, R. "Sigismondo D'India et ses mondes: Un compositeur italien d'avant-garde, histoire et documents. Jorge Morales. Collection “Épitome musical.” Turnhout: Brepols, 2019. 592 pp. €125.." Renaissance Quarterly 75.2 (2022): 705-707. [doi]

Harris, Deonte

    Lee, Jung-Min Mina

    1. Lee, J-MM. "Hegemonic Mimicry: Korean Popular Culture of the Twenty-First Century. By KYUNG HYUN KIM. Durham: Duke University Press, 2021. xviii, 303 pp. ISBN: 9781478014492 (paper).." The Journal of Asian Studies 81.4 (2022).
    2. Lee, J-MM. "Foreword to You Call That Music?!: Korean Popular Music Through the Generations, by Young-mee Lee.."   (2022). translated by Cho, Y-MY; Park, BJ; Yoon, J

    Luppi, Guillermo

    1. Luppi, G, Heavy Metal Music in Argentina: In Black We Are Seen ed. by Emiliano Scaricaciottoli, Nelson Varas-Díaz, and Daniel Nevárez Araújo (review). Latin American Music Review 43:1 (2022): 116-119.

    Rupprecht, Philip

    1. Rupprecht, P. "Pieces of Tradition: An Analysis of Contemporary Tonal Music." vol. 66 no. 2 January, 2022: 291-302. [doi]

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