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Sarah E Neill, Musicology

Sarah E Neill

Please note: Sarah has left the "Music" group at Duke University; some info here might not be up to date.

Contact Info:
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Ph.D.Duke University2014
MA MusicologyDuke University2011
BA Music; German LitTrinity University2009


Current projects:

The Modernist Kaleidoscope: Schoenberg’s Reception History in England, America, Germany, and Austria 1908-1924 (Dissertation, in progress)
Areas of Interest:

Arnold Schoenberg
20th century Austria and Vienna
Second Viennese School
Reception History

Awards, Honors, and Distinctions

  • Election to Phi Beta Kappa, Trinity University, February, 2009
Recent Publications

  1. Sarah Elaine Neill, Johannes Brahms. Albumblatt fuer Klavier, edited by Bennet Zon, Nineteenth-Century Music Review, vol. 10 no. 1 (June 2013), pp. 198-201, Cambridge University Press [repo_A892e2yI]
Selected Grant Support

  • Summer Research Fellowship, Duke University.      
  • James B. Duke Fellowship.      
  • Beinecke Scholarship.      

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