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Publications of Ruth W. Grant    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

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  1. R.W. Grant, Strings Attached: Untangling t he Ethics of Incentives (2012), Princeton University Press and Russell Sage Foundation.
  2. Grant, RW, Strings attached: Untangling the ethics of incentives (November, 2011), pp. 1-202 [abs].
  3. In Search of Goodness, edited by Grant, RW (2011), University of Chicago Press.
  4. Ruth W. Grant, Naming Evil, Judging Evil (2006), University of Chicago Press (with an introduction by Alasdair MacIntyre.).
  5. Grant, RW, Naming Evil, Judging Evil (2006), University of Chicago Press.
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  8. Grant, RW, John Locke, Some Thoughts Concerning Education and of the Conduct of the Understanding, edited by Grant, RW; Tarcov, N (1996), Hackett Publishing (Reprinted edition, 1998..).
  9. Grant, RW, John Locke’s Liberalism (1987), University of Chicago Press (Reprinted in paperback.).

Papers Published

  1. Grant, RW, Incentives and praise compared: the ethics of motivation, International Review of Economics, vol. 66 no. 1 (March, 2019), pp. 17-28 [doi].
  2. Grant, RW, Rethinking the ethics of incentives, Journal of Economic Methodology, vol. 22 no. 3 (January, 2015), pp. 354-372, Informa UK Limited [doi[abs].
  3. Grant, RW, John Locke on custom's power and reason's authority, The Review of Politics, vol. 74 no. 4 (Fall, 2012), pp. 607-629, Cambridge University Press (CUP) [doi[abs].
  4. Grant, RW, Passions and interests revisited: The psychological foundations of economics and politics, Public Choice, vol. 137 no. 3-4 (December, 2008), pp. 451-461, Springer Nature [Gateway.cgi], [doi[abs].
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  6. Grant, RW, Ethics and Incentives: A Political Approach, American Political Science Review (February, 2006), Cambridge University Press (CUP).
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  12. Rousseau and the Ancients, in North American Society for the Study of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, edited by Grant, RW; Stewart, P (2001).
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  16. GRANT, RUTHW, Integrity and Politics, Political Theory, vol. 22 no. 3 (August, 1994), pp. 414-443, SAGE Publications [doi].
  17. Aldrich, JH; Grant, RW, The Antifederalists, the First Congress, and the First Parties, Journal of Politics, vol. 55 no. 2 (May, 1993), pp. 295-326, University of Chicago Press [doi].
  18. Grant, RW, The Exclusionary Rule and the Meaning of Separation of Powers, Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, vol. 14 no. 1 (Winter, 1991).
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  21. Grant, RW, Notes on Divine Right and Democracy by David Wooton, Ethics (1987).
  22. Grant, R, Advice to dissertation writers, Ps: Political Science & Politics, vol. 19 no. 1 (January, 1986), pp. 64-65, Cambridge University Press (CUP) [doi].

Journal Articles

  1. Grant, RW, Homo politicus: Reflections on the passions and the interests, Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology, vol. 34B (January, 2016), pp. 123-137, Emerald Group Publishing Limited [doi[abs].

Book Reviews

  1. Nomos XL: Integrity and Conscience, edited by Ian Shapiro and Robert Adams, American Political Science Review (September, 1999).
  2. Michael Walzer, Interpretation and Social Criticism, Journal of Politics (February, 1988) (with Steven Kautz.).
  3. Book Note: David Wootton, Divine Right and Democracy, Ethics (Fall, 1987).

Edited Volumes

  1. Naming Evil, Judging Evil, edited by Ruth W. Grant with a forward by Alasdair MacIntyre (2006), University of Chicago Press.

Articles and Chapters

  1. Grant, RW; Hertzberg, BR, Locke on Education, in A Companion to Locke (October, 2015), pp. 448-465, JOHN WILEY & SONS INC [doi[abs].
  2. Proctor, AM, Education, in A Companion to Locke, edited by Stuart, M, vol. 13 (March, 2015), pp. 494-495, Informa UK Limited [doi[abs].
  3. Grant, RW, Generous to a Fault: Altruism and Psychic Health, in In Search of Goodness, edited by Grant, RW (April, 2011), pp. 177 pages, University of Chicago Press [abs].
  4. Grant, RW, Is Humanistic Education Humanizing?, in Debating Moral Education, Peter Euben and Elizabeth Kiss, eds. (2006), Duke University Press.
  5. Grant, RW, The Rousseauan Revolution and the Problem of Evil, in Naming Evil, Judging Evil, Ruth W. Grant ed. (2006), University of Chicago Press.
  6. Grant, RW, Ethics and Politics: Institutional Solutions and Their Limits, in Faces of Man: the Dr. Eric Williams Memorial Lectures 1993-2004, vol. 2 (2005), Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago.
  7. Grant, RW, Political theory, political science, and politics, in What is Political Theory (January, 2004), pp. 174-192, SAGE PUBLICATIONS LTD [doi].
  8. Grant, RW, John Locke on Women and the Family, in John Locke, Two Treaties of Government and Letter Concerning Toleration, edited by Shapiro, I (2003), Yale University Press.
  9. Grant, RW; Grant, S, The Madisonian Presidency, in The Presidency in the Constitutional Order, edited by Bessette, J; Tulis, J (1981), Louisiana State University Press.

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