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Publications of Nita A. Farahany    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

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  1. Farahany, N, The Impact of Behavioral Sciences on Criminal Law (2009), Oxford University Press.

Papers Published

  1. Farahany, N; Chodavadia, S; Katsanis, S, Ethical Guidelines for DNA Testing in Migrant Family Reunification, American Journal of Bioethics, vol. 19 no. 2 (2019), pp. 4-7.
  2. Farahany, N; Greely, H, Neuroscience and the Criminal Justice System, Annual Review of Criminology, vol. 2 (2019), pp. 451-471.
  3. Greely, HT; Grady, C; Ramos, KM; Chiong, W; Eberwine, J; Farahany, NA; Johnson, LSM; Hyman, BT; Hyman, SE; Rommelfanger, KS; Serrano, EE, Neuroethics Guiding Principles for the NIH BRAIN Initiative., Journal of Neuroscience, vol. 38 no. 50 (December, 2018), pp. 10586-10588 [doi].
  4. Farahany, NA; Greely, HT; Hyman, S; Koch, C; Grady, C; Pașca, SP; Sestan, N; Arlotta, P; Bernat, JL; Ting, J; Lunshof, JE; Iyer, EPR; Hyun, I; Capestany, BH; Church, GM; Huang, H; Song, H, The ethics of experimenting with human brain tissue., Nature, vol. 556 no. 7702 (April, 2018), pp. 429-432 [doi].
  5. Farahany, N; Oertelt, N; Arabian, A; Payne, S; Brugger, E; Chorost, M, Human by Design: An Ethical Framework for Human Augmentation, Ieee Technology and Society Magazine, vol. 36 no. 1 (2017), pp. 32-36.
  6. Farahany, N, The Cost of Changing Our Minds (2016).
  7. Farahany, N, Neuroscience and Behavioral Genetics in US Criminal Law: An Empirical Analysis, Journal of Law & the Biosciences, vol. 2 no. 3 (2016), pp. 485-509 [3578].
  8. Farahany, N; Green, R, Regulation: The FDA is Overcautious on Consumer Genetics, Nature, vol. 505 (2015), pp. 286-287.
  9. Farahany, N, Inability to Consent Does Not Diminish the Desirability of Stroke Thrombolysis, Annals of Neurology, vol. 76 no. 2 (2014), pp. 296-304.
  10. Farahany, N; Erlich, Y; Williams, J; Glazer, D; Yocum, K; Olson, M; Narayanan, A; Stein, L; Witkowski, J; Kain, R, Redefining Genomic Privacy: Trust and Empowerment, Plos Biology, vol. 12 no. 11 (2014), pp. 1-5 [available here].
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  13. Farahany, N, On Cognitive Liberty (2012).
  14. Farahany, N, Empirical Use of Behavioral Genetics and Neuroscience in Criminal Law, 2004-2010 (2012).
  15. Farahany, N, A Neurological Foundation for Freedom, Stanford Technology Law Review, vol. 2012 (2012), pp. 4 [available here].
  16. Farahany, N, Incriminating Thoughts, Stanford Law Review, vol. 64 (2012), pp. 351-408 [available here].
  17. Farahany, N, Searching Secrets, University of Pennsylvania Law Review, vol. 160 (2012), pp. 1239-1308 [available here].
  18. Farahany, N, Introduction, in The Impact of Behavioral Sciences on Criminal Law (2009), pp. ix-xviii.
  19. Farahany, N, Cruel and Unequal Punishment, Washington University Law Review, vol. 86 (2009), pp. 859-915 [available here].
  20. Farahany, N; Bernet, W; Vnencak-Jones, C; Montgomery, S, Bad Nature, Bad Nurture, and Testimony Regarding MAOA and SLC6A4 Genotyping in Murder Trials, Journal of Forensic Sciences, vol. 52 (2007), pp. 1362-1371 [available here].
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  23. Coleman, J; Farahany, N, Genetics and Responsibility: To Know the Criminal from the Crime, Law & Contemporary Problems, vol. 69 (2006), pp. 115-164 [available here].

Articles and Chapters

  1. Farahany, N; Zacharias, R, The Legal Cycle of Life, in Finding Consciousness: The Neuroscience, Ethics, and Law of Severe Brain Damage (2016), pp. 229-245, Oxford University Press.
  2. Farahany, N, Introduction, in The Island of Dr. Moreau (2014).
  3. Farahany, N, Law and Behavioral Morality, in Evolution and Morality (NOMOS LII) (2012).
  4. Farahany, N; Coleman Jr., J, Genetics, Neuroscience, and Criminal Responsibility, in The Impact of Behavioral Sciences on Criminal Law (2009), pp. 183-240.


  1. Farahany, N; Greely, H; Giattino, C, Part-revived Pig Brains Raise Slew of Ethical Quandaries, Nature, vol. 568 (2019).
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  4. Farahany, N, New Year's Resolutions, Conservatism & Porn, Washington Post (2015).
  5. Farahany, N, Colleges Should Allow Students to Take Smart Drugs, Washington Post (2015).
  6. Farahany, N, Jurors Award $2.25M in "Devious Defecator" Case, Washington Post (2015).
  7. Farahany, N, Test for "Devious Defecator" was Unlawful, Judge Rules, Washington Post (2015).
  8. Farahany, N, Zapping the Brain, Washington Post (2015).
  9. Farahany, N, On 'Being a Dirty Old Man' and a Federal Judge, Washington Post (2014).
  10. Farahany, N, Reining in FDA Regulation of Mobile Health Apps, Washington Post (2014).
  11. Farahany, N, FDA Considers Controversial Fertility Procedure. What's at Stake?, Washington Post (2014).

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