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Philosophy Faculty: Research Interests

Primary Faculty

  1. Robert N. Brandon, Robert N. Brandon (Ph.D. 1979, Harvard) joined the Duke Faculty ...
  2. Allen E. Buchanan, Law, Philosophy
  3. Felipe De Brigard, Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science and Neuroscience; Neurophilosophy; Moral Psychology
  4. Michael T. Ferejohn, Michael T. Ferejohn (Ph.D. 1976, University of California, Irvine) joined ...
  5. Owen Flanagan, Alcoholism, Animals, Attention, Awareness, Biological Evolution, Blame, Brain, Consciousness, Dreams, Emotions, Guilt, Humans, Literature, Mental Recall, Naturalism, Philosophy, Psychology, Psychophysiology, Self, Shame, Substance-Related Disorders, Visual Perception
  6. Jennifer Hawkins, Affect, Happiness, Hedonism, Well-being
  7. Kevin D. Hoover, Causality, Economics, Graph theory, Humans, Models, Econometric, Monetary policy, Motivation, Probability
  8. Andrew Janiak, Metaphysics, Physics, Space
  9. Wayne J. Norman, Business Ethics, Political Philosophy
  10. Alexander Rosenberg, Biology, History, Models, Natural selection
  11. Gopal Sreenivasan, Bioethical Issues, Clinical Trials as Topic, Delivery of Health Care, Ethical Theory, Free trade, Health, Health Expenditures, Health Priorities, Health Services, Health Services Accessibility, Health Status, Income, International Cooperation, Policy Making, Resource Allocation, Social Class, State Medicine, Therapeutic Human Experimentation, Uncompensated Care, World Health
  12. David B. Wong, Anthropology, Cultural relativism, Emotions (Philosophy), Emotions and cognition, Ethical Relativism, Ethical Theory, Metaethics, Philosophy, Truth

Affliated Faculty

  1. Jed W. Atkins, Cicero; Greek, Roman, and early Christian political and moral philosophy; history of political thought
  2. Vincent Conitzer, (Computational aspects of) game theory, mechanism design, social choice theory, auctions and exchanges, electronic commerce
  3. Jon Fjeld, Entrepreneurship, Strategy
  4. Michael A. Gillespie, Philosophy
  5. Ruth W. Grant, Politics and Ethics, Early Modern Political Philosophy
  6. Daniel W. McShea, Adaptation, Biological, Aerobiosis, Anaerobiosis, Animals, Ants, Artificial Intelligence, Atmosphere, Behavior, Animal, Biological Evolution, Body Size, Brain, Cell Physiological Phenomena, Cetacea, Classification, Computer Simulation, Cyanobacteria, Developmental Biology, Drosophila melanogaster, Earth (Planet), Entropy, Environment, Eukaryotic Cells, Evolution, Evolution, Molecular, Fossils, Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental, Genetic Fitness, Genetic Variation, Geologic Sediments, Geological Phenomena, Geology, Goals, History, 20th Century, History, 21st Century, History, Ancient, Humans, Insects, Logic, Macroevolution, Mammals, Mathematics, Metazoa, Models, Biological, Motivation, Muser Mentor, Mutation, Oxygen, Paleontology, Personal Satisfaction, Philosophy, Philosophy of Biology, Photosynthesis, Pigmentation, Plant Development, Rabbits, Rats, Science, Selection, Genetic, Social Behavior, Teleology, Time Factors, Tomography, Spiral Computed, Tooth, Trees, Wing, Zoology
  7. Toril Moi, Feminism, Philosophy & Literature, Women Writers, Theater, 19th & 20th Century European Literature
  8. Michael Tomasello, Major research interests in processes of social cognition, social learning, ...

Emeritus Faculty

  1. Martin P. Golding, Martin P. Golding (Ph.D. 1959, Columbia) joined the Duke faculty ...
  2. Alasdair MacIntyre,

    Dr. MacIntyre is a Senior Research Professor of Philosophy at ...

  3. David H. Sanford, Philosophy

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