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Publications of Tad M Schmaltz    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

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  1. Descartes on Causation (2008), Oxford University Press.
  2. Receptions of Descartes: Cartesianism and Anti-Cartesianism in Early Modern Europe, Routledge Studies in Seventeenth-Century Philosophy, edited by T. Schmaltz (2005), Routledge.
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  4. Radical Cartesianism: The French Reception of Descartes (2002), Cambridge University Press.
  5. Malebranche's Theory of the Soul: A Cartesian Interpretation (1996), Oxford University Press.

Papers Published

  1. T.M. Schmaltz, Descartes on the Extensions of Space and Time, Revista Analytica, vol. 13 no. 2 (2009).
  2. T.M. Schmaltz, Malebranche and Leibniz on the Best of All Possible Worlds, Southern Journal of Philosophy, vol. 48 no. 1 (2010).
  3. T.M. Schmaltz, Occasionalism and Mechanism: Fontenelle's Objections to Malebranche", British Journal for the History of Philosophy, vol. 16 (2008), pp. 293-313, Oxford University Press.
  4. T.M. Schmaltz, Deflating Descartes's Causal Axiom, Oxford Studies in Early Modern Philosophy, vol. 3 (2006), pp. 1-31.
  5. T.M. Schmaltz, Cartesian causation: body-body interaction, motion, and eternal truths, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, vol. 34 no. 4 (2003), pp. 737-62.
  6. T.M. Schmaltz, The Cartesian Refutation of Idealism, British Journal for the History of Philosophy, vol. 10 no. 4 (2002), pp. 513-40.
  7. T.M. Schmaltz, The Disappearance of Analogy in Descartes, Spinoza, and Regis, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, vol. 30 no. 1 (2000), pp. 85-114.
  8. T.M. Schmaltz, Spinoza on the Vacuum, Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, vol. 81 no. 2 (1999), pp. 174-205.
  9. T.M. Schmaltz, What Has Cartesianism to Do with Jansenism?, Journal of the History of Ideas, vol. 60 no. 1 (1999), pp. 37-56.

Papers Accepted

  1. T.M. Schmaltz, Entries on "Cause," "Containment, Eminent and Formal," "Concurrence/Conservation," and "Conservation of Motion, Principle of", in Cambridge Descartes Dictionary, edited by Lawrence Nolan (forthcoming), Cambridge University Press.
  2. T.M. Schmaltz, Primary and Secondary Causes in Descartes's Physics, in Causation and Modern Philosophy, Routledge Advances in the History of Philosophy, edited by K. Allen and T. Stoneham (forthcoming).
  3. T.M. Schmaltz, Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia on the Cartesian Mind: Interaction, Happiness, Freedom, in Feminist History of Philosophy, edited by M. Lascano and E. O'Neill (2010), Springer.
  4. T.M. Schmaltz, Causa Sui and Created Truth in Descartes, in volume on historical answers to the question, why there is something rather than nothing?, edited by J. Wippel (forthcoming).
  5. T.M. Schmaltz, Theories of Substance, in Routledge Companion to Seventeenth-Century Philosophy, edited by D. Kaufman (forthcoming).
  6. T.M. Schmaltz, Cartesianism in Crisis: The Case of the Eucharist, in volume on theology and early modern philosophy, in series, Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae (forthcoming).
  7. T.M. Schmaltz, Substantial Forms as Causes: From Suarez to Descartes, in volume on hylomorphism in early modern thought, edited by J. Buchwald, M. Feingold and G. Manning (forthcoming).
  8. T.M. Schmaltz, Primary and Secondary Causes in Descartes's Physics, in volume on causation 1500-1800, for the British Society for the History of Philosophy (forthcoming).
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  11. T.M. Schmaltz, Spinoza and Descartes, in Oxford Handbook to Spinoza, edited by M. Della Rocca (forthcoming).
  12. T.M. Schmaltz, Causation and Causal Axioms, in Descartes' :Meditations': A Critical Guide, edited by K. Detlefsen (forthcoming), Cambridge University Press.

Book Reviews

  1. Tad M. Schmaltz, Review of Jonathan Bennett, Learning from Six Philosophers , Vol. 1: Descartes,Spinoza, Leibniz; Vol. 2: Locke, Berkeley, Hume (Oxford, 2001), Mind, vol. 111 no. 442 (2002), pp. 367-73.

Articles and Chapters

  1. T.M. Schmaltz, Malebranche: Neigungen und Leidenschaften, in Klassische Emotionstheorien, edited by U. Renz and H. Landweer (2008), pp. 331-349, Walter de Gruyter.
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  4. T.M. Schmaltz, Seventeenth-century responses to the Meditations, in The Blackwell Guide to Descartes' Meditations, edited by S. Gaukroger (2006), pp. 193-203, Blackwell.
  5. T.M. Schmaltz, The Science of Mind, in Cambridge Companion to Early Modern Philosophy, edited by D. Rutherford (2006), pp. 136-69, Cambridge University Press.
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  1. T.M. Schmaltz, Malebranche, in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, edited by E. N. Zalta (2005) ((

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