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Christopher Gelpi, Professor

Christopher Gelpi
Contact Info:
Office Location:  406 Perkins Lib
Office Phone:  (919) 660-4318
Email Address:  
Web Page:   http://www.duke.edu/~gelpi


PhD, University of Michigan, 1994
A.B., Stanford University, 1988
Summer program in Russian language, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, 1987

Security, Peace, & Conflict
International Relations
Behavior & Identities
Research Interests: International Relations, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy, and Methodology

Christopher F. Gelpi (Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1994) is Professor of Political Science at Duke University. His primary research interests are the sources of international militarized conflict and strategies for international conflict resolution. He is currently engaged in research on American public opinion and the use of military force, and on statistical models for forecasting military conflict. He has also published works on American civil-military relations and the use of force, the impact of democracy and trade on international conflict, the role of norms in crisis bargaining, alliances as instruments of control, diversionary wars, deterrence theory, and the influence of the international system on the outbreak of violence. He is author of The Power of Legitimacy: The Role of Norms in Crisis Bargaining (Princeton University Press, 2002), co-author (with Peter D. Feaver) of Choosing Your Battles: American Civil-Military Relations and the Use of Force (Princeton University Press, 2004). and co-author (with Peter Feaver and Jason Reifler) of Paying the Human Costs of War: American Public Opinion and Casualties in Military Conflicts (Princeton University Press, 2009). Some of his other works have appeared in the American Political Science Review, International Security, International Organization, the Journal of Conflict Resolution, the Journal of Peace Research, Political Behavior, and Political Science Quarterly.

Areas of Interest:

International Conflict
Public Opinion and Foreign Policy
Research Methodology

Curriculum Vitae
Recent Publications   (More Publications)

  1. C. Gelpi, Performing On Cue? The Formation of Public Attitudes Toward War, Journal of Conflict Resolution, vol. 54 no. 1 (February, 2010) .
  2. J. Grieco, C. Gelpi, J Reifler, P Feaver, Let’s Get a Second Opinion: International Institutions and American Public Support for War, International Studies Quarterly (June, 2011) .
  3. C. Gelpi and N. Avdan, Clashing States and Civilizations: The Multilateral Flow of Transnational Terrorism, 2000-2007 (Submitted, 2010) .
  4. C. Gelpi, Preaching to the Choir? Cable News and the Polarization of American Foreign Policy Views (Submitted, 2010) .
  5. C. Gelpi, News from the Frontlines: The Causal Impact of War News on Presidential Vote Choice (Submitted, 2010) .

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