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Research Interests for Kerry L. Haynie

Research Interests: Race & Ethnic Politics, U.S. State Institutions, Behavior & Identities, American Politics

Kerry L. Haynie is an Associate Professor of Political Science and African & African American Studies. He directs Duke’s Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in the Social Sciences, and is one of the editors of the journal, Politics, Groups, and Identities. A native of Kannapolis, North Carolina, he received his B.A.(1985) and Ph.D. (1994) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has a Masters of Public and International Affairs degree from the University of Pittsburgh (1988). Professor Haynie’s research and teaching interests are in race and ethnic politics, intersections of race and gender, legislative processes, state-level politics, southern politics, and comparative urban politics. Along with articles in The Journal of Politics; Legislative Studies Quarterly; Politics, Groups, and Identities; International Journal of Africana Studies; Social Science and Medicine; and the Journal of Women Politics and Policy, his publications include New Race Politics in America: Understanding Minority and Immigrant Voting (co-edited with Jane Junn, Cambridge University Press), African American Legislators in the American States (Columbia University Press), The Encyclopedia of Minorities in American Politics, Volume I: African Americans and Asian Americans(Oryx Press); and The Encyclopedia of Minorities in American Politics, Volume II: Hispanic Americans and Native Americans (Oryx Press). Professor Haynie has traveled widely speaking on race and politics, including invited talks in France, Germany, and South Africa. He is the co-winner (w/Beth Reingold) of the American Political Science Association’s Women and Politics Research Section’s Best Paper Award for 2012.

African American women, Gender, Race
Areas of Interest:

Race & Ethnic Politics
Behavior and Identity
American Politics
U.S. State Institutions

Representative Publications
  1. K. Haynie, New Race Politics: Understanding Minority and Immigrant Politics, edited by Co-edited with Jane Junn (2008), New York: Cambridge University Press
  2. Haynie, K; Reingold, B, Representing Women’s Interests and Intersections of Gender, Race, and Ethnicity in U.S. State Legislatures, in Representation: The Case of Women, Maria Escobar-Lemmon and Michelle M. Taylor (2013), New York: Oxford University Press
  3. Haynie, K; Bedolla, LG, The Obama Coalition and the Future of AMerican Politics, Politics, Groups, and Identities, vol. 1 no. 1 (2013)
  4. Haynie, K, African Americans and the New Politics of Inclusion: A Representational Dilemma?, in Congress Reconsidered, 8th, edited by Dodd, LC; Oppenheimer, BI (2005), CQ Press

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